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Friday, February 12, 2010

After the rain

We live around a lot of dry lake beds (they need a lot of room to test those planes!). They're not usually very sightly, but after the rain?


  1. Wow! That's beautiful. Now I want to see a picture of it dry, what a transformation that must be!

  2. Hey Ash, I have no idea how I got to your blog but I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I read your blog and saw that you have European roots :)
    I'm from Germany and my boyfriend is American. I live in California right now but we are gonna move to Germany this year. Anyway, cute blog!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. Good question, Rach! Can't be more than a few inches. As far as I know, the lake beds just keep whatever the rain brings in :-)

    (Then again, science was never my best subject...)


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