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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Driving on the Autobahn

I like to drive fast. Really fast. But I don't like to break the law or pay tickets so, naturally, I drive slow just like everyone else. (Unless I'm on the Jersey Turnpike. Then I drive fast just like everyone else. And that is much more fun.) It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that one of my life goals--or shall we say, items on my bucket list--is to drive on the Autobahn.

Well, check! Kind of. See, Matt and I took turns driving on the speed-limitless Autobahn from Rebstein to Munich and had a jolly ol' time driving as fast as our little Mercedes A-Class could go.
Only one problem there. What the Mercedes commercials never tell you in America is that along with their high-performance luxury vehicles, they also make tiny little gutless cars. They keep these in Germany. And these low-class cars, unlike their high-class counterparts, top out at about 174 km/hr when the pedal is pushed all the way to the metal. (The higher numbers on the speedometer were apparently just for show.) For those of you who aren't walking calculators, that translates to a whopping 108 mph. Pretty sure my family's old ghetto van had more power than that!
Typically when you cross an ocean to accomplish a life goal of driving as fast as humanly possible with no repercussions, you plan on driving a wee bit faster than 108 mph. Right? Other cars were whooshing past us all afternoon!

Moral of this story? Lesson learned. Next time, I'm getting a faster rental car.
(Also, never buy an A-Class.)


  1. That never crossed our minds, maybe it was because we mostly went in trains when we were over there. The only rental we had was a little junky car, I don't even remember the make of it. When we were in the rental we were only on country roads looking for Rebstein and enjoying the mountains. I never knew you had a need for speed! Oh the things you find out on Blogs. I'm thinking 108 is sounding fast! That is a mom speaking for you!

  2. Uhm, 108 is still pretty dang fast. Maybe you need to rethink your life and just shoot for nascar.

  3. Haha! That sounds fantastic. Just to clarify--the car couldn't actually maintain that speed. It'd try really, REALLY hard and peak at it for about 2 seconds and then we'd go back to about 80 mph. We're safe drivers, I swear :-)

  4. OH man! i totally was wishing I was there in the car with you guys! That sounds like a fun time. And, Yes 108 miles an hour...fast fast! I too, if you can't tell, like to drive fast! But unlike you, I have received many a ticket, paid lots of money for those tickets, went to driving school so that my insurance wouldn't charge me more for my speeding tickets, was warned that I WILL get my drivers liscence suspended if I get one more ticket, ....and still having Jay constantly telling me to "SLOW down Lisa!!!". Oh, I got all excited reading your post!!!! FAST...FAST...FAST!!! Thanks for sharing that!

  5. You just got the wrong Mercedes A class...

    Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG 4MATIC with 360 bhp will get you to a decent 155 mph.


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