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Monday, February 8, 2010


Matt is a smart man. Last summer, in preparation for my September birthday, I dragged him into the LUSH shop in every big city we visited. He took note and surprised me with a LUSH gift card as one of my presents. (And though I love giving gifts, when it comes to receiving, few things scream "thoughtful" like a gift card to a place I adore. Anyone with me on that?) Since we were still bouncing around the country at the time, I finally cashed in at the Santa Monica shop last month.

LUSH describes itself as an "adult candystore," which seems a bit inadequate to me. Sure, the excitement is akin to a child surrounded by sugar, but the feeling is something more along the lines of "I think I died and went to bath heaven." It is known for its luxurious and incredibly unique bath products such as bath bombs, shower jellies, and an ocean salt scrub that makes your skin so smooth, a baby's bottom seems scaly in comparison. Just ask Matt! (He's a great sport.)
Since our visit to LUSH coincided with their post-holiday sale, I was able to get about a zillion things for the price of two-and-a-half. Score! I've been quite enjoying my spoils, and highly recommend following in Matt's shoes the next time you need to surprise a lady (*cough*Valentine's Day*cough*).
It's a gift that keeps on giving :-)


  1. AHH Lush is SO Yummy! I love their stuff, and I love gifts that are truly what you wanted! Very Nice Matt!

  2. I love spending gift cards. Perfect gift for me because if you give me money I will not spend it, but a well thought out gift card will force me to go buy myself something! :) Hey I checked out The Afters and I really like their sound! Thanks!

  3. Glad you like them, Ang! And I totally agree--I'd save the money, but I'm GREAT at spending gift cards :-)


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