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Sunday, February 14, 2010


At church, Matt and I are lucky enough to be the CTR 5 & 6 teachers (meaning we teach Sunday School to the 4- and 5-year-olds). I seriously look forward to it all week! Our class is just too adorable and we learn so much from their sweet little selves. Matt and I have found that one of our absolute favorite things each Sunday is getting to hear their prayers. Our very favorite line thus far?

A darling little Sunbeam girl who prayed,
"And thank you that we can snuggle in bed at night."

It's probably one of the most precious things I've heard in my life. And really, I'm grateful that I get to snuggle in bed at night, too! Which reminds me of a recent exchange between me and my husband:
(May 2007-Star gazing and snuggling on the trampoline the first time we said "I love you.")

My sister Nicole and I were discussing relationships, and I was explaining to her that while it's wonderful to be loved, it's even better to truly love. I told her that one of my most cherished times each day is late at night when Matt's asleep (he always enters dreamland before I do). I'll just lie there awake in his arms, contentedly thinking, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

Matt overheard the conversation, so that night as we were turning out the lights I reiterated that I really meant what I told Coley. He responded that it's funny because one of his most cherished moments happens in the morning, when he gets up early and quietly gets ready for work as I sleep, then comes and wakes me up with a kiss goodbye.

We sat there for a few moments basking in the sweetness of it all, and then quickly burst into laughter as I wondered aloud, "Does that say something about our marriage--that we love each other most when the other one is sleeping?"

When we finally recovered from laughing, Matt settled the matter:
"Well, I love you that much when you're awake, too."

(Okay, good. Just checking, honey.)
And on that note, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you each have someone nice to snuggle.


  1. That's so funny, Klane and I are just opposite with sleeping schedules. I'm the one that goes to bed before him and wakes up earlier than him. But I also love love love in the morning when Klane is still mostly asleep and I come to kiss him goodbye before leaving for work. He's so sweet and adorable when he's sleeping! ;) And he has told me similar things about when he comes to bed and I'm already mostly asleep. How funny. Sometimes I wish we were on the same schedule so we could go to sleep and wake up at the same time as each other, but then I guess we'd miss out on those little moments.

  2. hey it was good to see you on sunday! you are brave to make that trip again. but come back again soon and we should all go to dinner! (with jaleah, emily, etc.)

  3. That's it. I need to find a Matt.

  4. Haha there is just something about sleeping beauty that rings true. I think 5 year olds may just be the most insightful people around. Hope you two had a fun valentines! It's still snowing here.

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