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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Babies and Such

Simply put, I love babies. So, naturally, I spent nearly my entire Utah vacation with them! My other half, Liz, had her first baby in January and I was dying to meet him.
He's the sweetest little boy! I hogged him for an entire afternoon and it was wonderful.
The rest of the time, it was all about my own babies (fine, they belong to my mom). They're getting so big! It's really not right that they grow up so fast.
Or that they love Matt more than they love me.
Luckily for me, I got to stay a few days longer than Matt did and was thus able to buy their love with ice cream cones at Macey's, among other things. The boys were cracking me up with their race car cart "racing" and ice cream licking strategies.
I begged my mom to let me take one home to "Talifornia" with me but it turns out she loves them, too. I think I need a Plan B.


  1. Wow, i swear Liz and Ryan JUST got married. Now they have a baby?! Time flies!!

    And your little brothers are adorable. I swear they could be triplets, they look so much alike. I miss my cute little nieces and nephews sooo much, I can only imagine how you miss your little brothers!

  2. Your mom does make the cutest babies!!

    How fun for Liz and she does have a beautiful baby boy.
    Oh my goodness we are having too much fun planning for our new little one. Micelle is so awesome to let us share in the excitement. We are seeing pink everywhere and daily find things to purchase!!

  3. plan B: Ash....i think you're baby hungry!!! We'll be waiting for the "news" (if you know what I mean!!) :)


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