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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aying, Germany: 4-wheeling in the Bavarian countryside

Upon arriving in Munich, we immediately met up with our German friend Matthias. He took us to his hometown, a beautiful neighboring village called Aying. Along with a delicious authentic German dinner, Matthias and his family had a little surprise in store for us: 4-wheelers and acres upon acres of private farmland and woods for us to explore. What a welcome! And what an incredible way to explore the countryside in Bavaria.
Oh, it was gorgeous! An excellent surprise, for sure. (Thanks Steinmuellers and Clara--I know you're reading this!) We had such a fabulous time!


  1. Incredibly Beautiful. Oh my goodness, and what a way to see it. You have great friends!

  2. Ok and Ashley the pink thing is such a great joke at our house, because none of my boys have ever gone for anything close to pink, and yet you see racks and racks of it at the store. So who is wearing this if it is not our cute men! tee hee

  3. Wow, I mean WOW! I can't get over all the amazing places you guys have travelled. I need to go to Europe!!

  4. Oh hi Ash! Our computer has had troubles for the past four days and so I just got on here finally tonight! Oh, and what fun it has been to read and see the past few blogs that I didn't get a chance to read. Your pics and posts were so awesome! And, ending on the "snuggle" post was perfect as I sink into my bed here tonight and snuggle up to my sweetie for a deep sleepy night. Good night!


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