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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A whole new world

Jake has now officially experienced "food." I use that term loosely, because I can't imagine that brown rice cereal is all that fantastic, but you know. It's opened the door to a whole new world for his little taste buds and we're already having so much fun with it.
His first cereal feeding was hilarious. He started out all excited, like, "Sitting on the table is the best!" But that excitement was followed quickly with, "What on earth are you doing to me? And why?"
(You'll have to excuse our baby voices in these video clips.)

Jake was so not into it, and it was so funny watching his reaction, which could initially only be described as utter disgust. He warmed up to it a little more as we went on, but mostly just because we let him play with the spoon and the bowl. The bowl was extra fun, apparently. Especially when he flung it across the room! Let me tell you, he was quite pleased with himself for getting rid of his nemesis.
Let's just say Jakey was happy when it was all over... and even happier when he got to take a bath.
Round two was definitely more successful. Jake gave that cereal quite the side eye at the beginning though. "Oh. This again."
But as it turns out, cereal isn't so bad after all!
A week later, my little cereal hater is now a cereal lover and he gets really excited when he sees the bowl and spoon. He'll be six months old next week(!), so we'll jump into solids then. I have a feeling he's going to like them.


  1. he's so cute!! How much does he weigh? I have a 7.5 month old (preemie) and she fills.her.bumbo.seat.out! Her legs are almost too chubby!! (check out my blog for recent pics - and no, this isn't a "please read my blog" comment, because clearly I don't post enough to care how many people read it!) :) He's adorable and you have a beautiful family! Take care!

  2. Cindy- Both of your kids are adorable! Jake weighs about 15 pounds these days. He was full-term but IUGR and just a five-pounder, so he's getting close to tripling his birth weight (as I'm sure you know, doctors generally want babies to double their birth weight by the time they're 6 months old). Jake's just tall for his size so he looks skinnier -- he's still breastfed, so hopefully solids will help add a little chunk :)

  3. You were smart to strip him down to his diaper. I remember my kids acting like they were dying when they first tried cereal. Their cute grimaces were hilarious.

  4. Aw I'm dying over the one when he is so stoked he threw the bowl haha!

  5. ohhhh, soooo cute! I loved feeding my little kids when they were just tasting their first bites! Little Jake is so funny with his first bites of baby cereal :)

  6. Okay, he looks identical to Matt in that first photo. Wow!
    The photos of him standing up, you can totally see little chubbs on his thighs, belly and arms. Oh my goodness, it's so adorable! He's getting so big and I can't wait to hold him!

  7. Introducing food is always tricky and a bath is always necessary afterwards. Wonderful photos!


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