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Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday in Santa Monica

Over the past few years, Santa Monica has become our go-to date. We get a little smell of the ocean, walk on the beach, window shopping on the Promenade, and a yummy dessert all in one outing. Last Saturday, we were back again with our Jakey in tow. It's all about the family dates these days.
I love the views of the pier and Malibu from Ocean Avenue.
Ah, I just love Santa Monica! (Don't even get me started with how jealous I am of Coley and Jordan for moving there this summer! Lucky ducks, those two.)


  1. So, I'm sure you don't know who I am, but long story short - I asked a question on The Nest like a year ago about going to ASBC with my husband. You gave me some very sound advice and I really appreciated it! Since then, I've been following your cute little blog and have enjoyed seeing your adventures! My husband is stationed at Vandenberg AFB in Santa Maria right now though and since you know the ins and outs of Cali, we were wondering if you might be able to share any hidden gems around the LA area or even Santa Barbara? After reading this post, I'm definitely putting Santa Monica on our list! We've been to Cali a few times before now and have done all the touristy things, so we're kind of wanting an insider's opinion on the REAL hot spots. Haha Thank you!

  2. Ashley, this post made me feel like I am wanting to kick off my shoes and socks and dig my toes into the sandy beaches of California! I love how you captured the feel of the place! Your little family is so cute!

  3. You have a beatiful family and Lil J is sooooo cute!!!

  4. I wanna go!

    It really just crushes me how cute he is. I know I tell you every single time, but it's never stopping. So there you have it.

  5. WOWO...your family is cuter than cute. Seriously. And I love your whole outfit. Yellow is one of my most favorite colors to wear.

    Lovely blog hun! Oh and good luck on y'all's move to Utah coming up.



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