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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

While we were gone

It's no secret that long-distance relationships make you good at goodbyes. So while I know I'll miss Matt when we're apart, we're both perfectly fine with short separations. But suddenly, throw a baby into the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. I felt all sorts of guilty taking Jakey away from Matt for seven whole days! Thank goodness for Skype keeping my baby in touch with his daddy throughout the week.
Jake got so excited every time he saw Matt on the computer screen and tried his best to grab and eat his daddy's face, to no avail. So when Matt walked in the door just after bathtime one night, Jake was thrilled!
Although, Jake seemed a bit unsure if this daddy was really real, or just more of that computer screen business. He checked the best way he knew how -- by eating Matt's nose. Jake was quite pleased when it worked! That little guy loves his daddy.
"Are you real?"
"Yes, you are!"
 "It's my dad!"
I mentioned earlier that this pre-Jon's-wedding trip ended up much differently than I had planned. It was originally meant to be filled with play time and lunch dates with friends that I never get to see since trips to Utah are normally so packed with family things. But then just a few days before our flight, my Grandpa Smith was rushed to the ER and hospitalized. And nine hours after my arrival, he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and given just a few months to live. Needless to say, this trip ended up being very much centered around family and I am so grateful for that. I don't think it was a coincidence that Jake and I were there when we were needed most. I got to help at home and spend time with my Grandpa, and Jake got to be the bright spot for everyone.
Jake and I visited my Grandpa every day, except the one when he was finally released from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center (since he wasn't yet well enough to return to his assisted living home) and was too busy for visitors. That night, when my mom took her shift by his bedside, he asked her where his little grandson was. I'm so glad that Jake was able to establish a relationship with his Great-Grandpa and be a source of happiness for him during a hard time.
Our stay also coincided with my Grandma Smith's birthday, which meant we got to party with my Smith cousins that I don't see nearly enough.
Jake also got to catch one of Kaleb's basketball games, hang out with his aunts and uncles, and cuddle up with both sets of grandparents.
More pictures of the trip:

At last, it was time for our little Cub to head home. My backseat buddy was a gem and slept for most of the drive to California.
So long until the next wedding event, Utah.


  1. Okay seriously?! He has the greatest and most sincere expressions ever. I feel like he is a mini adult. Like he knows how to connect to people on a higher level than a 5 month old! I can't wait to play with him!

  2. You have the smiliest baby ever! So cute!

  3. Love the Skype photos! I just took Emmie to Phoenix for a week ... every time we skyped Chris she would realize he wasn't real and broke down crying. SO sweet and funny lol.

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather ... it's amazing how God puts us right where we need to be though. Prayers for your family.

  4. I love all these pictures. Man, I miss you guys.

  5. So sorry about your grandpa.

    I love Jake's hat.

    The skype session. Adorable.

    my niece can't skype, she throws fits because she wants my mom to hold her.. ;)


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