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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sleepovers and such

Sleepover parties are all the rage around here! Last weekend, Jake, Matt and I all had sleepovers with our best friends and it was fantastic. Matt's Air Force Academy buddies had a Mormon-style bachelor party on Friday night (read: steak, ping pong and an ex-girlfriend-picture-burning-party) so he spent the night at Mike's parents' house in SLC while I took Jake to Idaho Falls so I could hang out with Liz and he could play with Isaac. It was so nice to spend quality time with our BFFs!
On Saturday, we met up in Twin Falls, Idaho for Jon and Erin's wedding. Jon was one of Matt's best friends at the Academy, and Erin is Chase's little sister, so we've known them both for a long time and were so happy to see them finally tie the knot. Another bonus was meeting Mike's new fiancee Aimee, who we fell in love with right away. It's wedding season already!
My boys looked so handsome!
The Arch of Sabers
Matt, Chase, Mike, Jason and Dan.
I also got to go out to dinner with two different sets of former coworkers while we were in Utah and had a blast! They made work far more exciting than it should have been, and after all these years, we still have such a great time together. On our long drive home, Matt and I couldn't stop talking about how lucky we are to have so many great friends. They're all just such good people and are so fun to be around. We love you all!


  1. Cute pictures as always! So glad we got to see you while you were in town. I really enjoyed catching up with you. You are so fun to be around! So it's a small world Mike was in my stake and we went to the same high school!

  2. So so so fun! I love watching Jake grow, and your adventures as always.


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