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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jakey in January

Oh, hey! Here are even more pictures of Baby Jake in January. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Last month, Jake turned 4 months old on the 7th:
He's a rather talkative little guy.
Jake prefers standing to any other position, and loves his jumping toy that facilitates such things.
Rolling over is also super fun. Although he'd done it before, he started consistently rolling over both ways on demand on his four-month birthday.
Jake loves his toys more and more, but his favorite toy is still his dad.
Sleep was a bit more scarce in January (the holidays threw him off in a major way). The pictures below made me laugh because one minute, I left Matt and Jake asleep on the couch and the next, came back to find Jake awake, arching his back and smiling at his still-sleeping dad like, "What's next?"
We don't leave him unattended on the couch. Promise.
Stretching is still a vital part of his little life.
And he's pretty good at just chillin', too.


  1. I seriously think Jake is the most perfect baby I have ever seen!

  2. He is sooooo cute, I want to hold him!

  3. Babies are the greatest! Every little thing they do is spectacular!!

  4. E already has a crush on him. I can see it when she looks at pictures of him. She literally lights up! And she told him, "Hiiiiii". It was cute!

  5. We have the same Johnny Jumper and Elijah just loves to suck on it! So funny.

  6. Pure cuteness! Next time you're in town I want to meet him. :)

  7. It is so fun to watch your little beautiful boy growing up. Everytime I see pics of him...he is older and older! Crazy how fast our little one's change and grow huh! I love him! It won't be long until you are chasing him all around your house! Kim is chasing little macy everywhere while she runs across the rooms and all around. Macy mastered going up and down the stairs. I can't believe how fast she is growing up too. Hey, Ashley, I loved reading about Dinner with the A-listers! Holy Cow. I shared this post with my work friends. We are all loving every detail! We need you to post a seperate post about how you became a seat-filler. We were loving wondering about how it all came to be!! DETAILS!

  8. Aw, thanks Emily! Your little one is going to be adorable, too :) And Jenny, of course!


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