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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day was probably my favorite yet, thanks to the addition of this little Sweetheart:
Seriously, he kills me. I'm so lucky to have not just one but two handsome boys to spend every day with. They make great Valentines, for sure. (PS- Last Valentine's Day was pretty amazing, too, since that's when I told Matt we were finally pregnant. Such a happy day.)
This year, Matt and I pre-celebrated again thanks to this candlelit dessert that my siblings surprised us with in Utah last weekend.
On the real day, I woke up to this sweet surprise from Matt:
Jakey is a great picture-taking helper...
That night, we continued our new tradition of a fancy V-Day breakfast. Poor Jakey had to get shots that morning, so we moved breakfast to dinner and added candles for ambiance.
Then, we embarked on a family date at the bowling alley, just for fun. Jake got a kick out of playing with the steering wheel in the driveway. He then slept all the way through three rounds of bowling, which made it feel almost like a grown-up date.
Matt bowled like a champ and literally tripled my score. Let's just say I won't forget to ask for bumpers next time.
Back home, our little Valentine woke up for a little pre-bedtime cuddling. We love that little guy.
Once Jake was fast asleep, we cuddled up on the couch and indulged in milk and cookies while watching Midnight in Paris. We loved it! I only wish I'd seen it earlier so I could have told my table how much we enjoyed their movie. Matt and I especially loved all the memories it brought back of our honeymoon. The movie mentions multiple times how beautiful Paris is in the rain, and we definitely concur. One of my favorite memories ever was walking hand and hand, in the rain, at midnight in Paris. It was magic.
I'm definitely lucky in love.


  1. so incredibly sweet. super happy you had such a wonderful day. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo


  2. I love him more then you guys, no big deal:)

    Happy belated hearts day.

  3. Your hearts day celebrations sound wonderful. I had no idea you were such a terrible bowler. I'll have to check out Midnight in Paris. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I loved this post. It was so sweet and I just felt so happy for you! You are a lucky mama. And you are also lucky in love. AWESOME!!!

  5. oh, oops...wierd..I didnt' know I was on signed in as "Kim". Anyway, this is Lisa :) Hey, also...I totally want to watch Midnight in Paris now too.

  6. Oh, Tobi, if you only knew.

    My goal is usually to hit 100, and I can usually achieve it. If I'm really lucky, I might approach 150. But this time around, I'd find myself 6 frames in, hoping I'd reach 70 haha.

    My golf and bowling scores seem to have mixed themselves up.


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