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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The AV Fair

The Antelope Valley doesn't have terribly much to offer, but it does throw one heck of a fair every August. We were happy that we got to squeeze it in one last time! Matt, Jake and I headed down with our friends Sean and Whitney on our last Monday night at Edwards AFB. Jakey was super excited about everything -- the lights, sounds, animals, ramps... you know how it goes. It was such a fun night!
Fairs can be so weird sometimes. How creepy are these genies?

Jake walked back and forth over this ramp for like 15 minutes. Who would have thought a tiny little ramp could be so entertaining to an 11-month-old?
Fair food rocks.
We didn't have the greatest luck at Skeeball.
So I won a frog with the water-squirting game instead. As you can see, Jakey was super excited about the frog.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I love your blog! My husband is also in the Air Force. We would love to move to Cali next... a girl can dream :)

  2. I love the picture of you and Jake, Ashley! You look so beautiful!


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