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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peachy Reunion

Matt was born and raised in a cute little small town, and he fit the mold quite nicely: He was the star quarterback, homecoming king, all-state athlete in multiple sports... you get the idea. Matt loves his hometown and, if any of our grocery store runs while visiting are an indication, it seems to love him back.
Matt circa 2001. Such a little heartthrob. (Sorry, Babe. It's just too cute to resist!)

For years, I've heard about the famed Peach Days that his hometown hosts every September. The peach cobbler! The cars! The peach cobbler! The people! And the peach cobbler! There are also lots of booths and a mini-fair atmosphere with a bunch of rides, but word on the street is that those are a much bigger hit among highschoolers who are hitting on other highschoolers. So, we stuck to the cars and peach cobbler.

Let it be known, however, that I hate cars. Hate them, I tell you. These feelings of detest are fresh thanks to a flat tire on one of our cars during the move, the cost of two replacement tires, and the new set of brakes that the other car received a couple days ago. Cars make me want to cry. That said, even I could appreciate the pretty, shiny old cars on display at Peach Days. They're just so cute, you know? And surely cute cars don't get flat tires or need new brakes, right? They get a pass in my book either way. Also, the peach cobbler was fantastic.

On another note, Matt is old and it was his 10-year high school reunion that same night. It was really fun for him to see old buddies and classmates, and it was really fun for me to meet the people from the stories and get a glimpse at that cute little homecoming king I married. We only took three pictures at the reunion -- one of the decor, one of me and Matt, and another of Matt and his six-years-older brother Nate who came to chaperon the event. Kidding. Actually, Nate married Laci, who was Matt's classmate (and ex-girlfriend. What can I say? Matt has good taste in women.), and it was great getting to hang out with them all night.
The people-watching was stellar. Apparently, so was watching the little roller coaster.


  1. Cute post Ashley! Peach Days is the best :) So I don't know if I just missed it but did you do an anniversary post? I love the slideshow you make for Matt every year :) You guys always have so much fun no matter what you do!

  2. Just one of the many perks of being neighbors with "the" Matt Davis was carpooling to school together. I still remember being dropped off at the middle school and EVERY day my friends would say, "I still can't believe you get to ride with MATT DAVIS! You are SO LUCKY!" Ha ha ha. Thanks for making me the cool girl at school Matt. Happy Birthday!

  3. I nearly cry every time anything goes wrong with my car. scratch that I cry.

    Uh. Where is Matt from? Because if you were in Hurricane I'll have to beat you up.

  4. Oh, Aimee, you're sweet! Pretty sure Matt felt cool to get to ride with you :)

    Lisa- You didn't miss it! I sort of failed to post about our anniversary entirely because it was right in the middle of our super-long, multi-state weddings and graduations trip. I'll have to backtrack and put it up soon.

    Shay- You know there's no way I'd head down there without seeing you! Matt is from up north :)


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