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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meeting Paul Ryan

We had the incredible last-minute opportunity to attend a Romney fundraiser and meet Paul Ryan last week.
Political leanings aside, it's really neat to meet a Vice Presidential candidate (or VP, seen here). I've always loved US History and been interested in politics, and therefore have great respect for those high offices in our country. That said, we support Romney and Ryan -- which made this experience even better.

Matt and I attended the fundraiser with Christian and Heidi, along with our friends Ashley, Tausha and Zach. Ash and Tausha are awesome and got there super early to secure our front-row spots. We joined them and camped out for two hours, and it paid off when we got to be up-close and personal to hear from Josh Romney and Paul Ryan. After Ryan's speech, Senator Orrin Hatch and Josh Romney came over and chatted with us for a minute. Then Paul Ryan came by and we had the opportunity to shake his hand, thank him, and wish him luck. "Beat Biden in the debates!," Heidi encouraged as she shook his hand. Ryan laughed: "That's the idea!"

It was so apparent that Paul Ryan is a truly good man who wants the best for America. We loved getting to feel that spirit as we listened to his speech, which was so honest and heartfelt and real and inspiring. And we loved the chance we had to show our support and appreciation in return. (The yummy appetizers didn't hurt, either.) Go Romney-Ryan!

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  1. That is so awesome that y'all met Paul Ryan! This is the first year that I'm eligible to vote in a Presidential election and I can't wait to place my vote for Romney-Ryan.



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