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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Tasha

The plan was to blog about our two Utah trips--that fell within just three weeks of each other--in one summary blog post. But then I got so distracted by this precious face that I decided to give her a post of her own.
Can you blame me? Scroll back up and look at her again. Perfection.

That would be my beautiful baby niece Tasha at 8-months-old. Last time you saw her was after my impromptu Virginia trip in October when she was just two weeks old. Now, Tasha is all grown up it seems! She's sitting up, scooting around, and melting all of our hearts with her sweet demeanor and perfect features (hello, big blue eyes and plump pink lips!).
Tasha loves eating food ...
... playing peek-a-boo with Mommy ...
... rubbing Daddy's fuzzy head ...
... trying on new clothes ...
... and eating her blanket. That's our girl!
And speaking of her ladylike qualities, Tasha crosses her legs 24/7.
She even crosses them the proper way--at her ankles. A lady, indeed!
Darling, isn't she?
We think we'll keep her.


  1. I've always thought she was a beautiful baby.

    You my dear still take beautiful photos, you should know this by now. i remember the ones you took of her at two weeks. You are talented, very much so.

  2. What is it about baby toes and feet that is so adorable? Tasha is so cute! We all enjoyed getting to see her.

  3. My....she is HEAVENLY!!! SO beautiful!!!!

  4. Oh she is so beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see what you and Matt come up with! ;)

  5. I tried to comment and now I think it didn't work. But I wanted to say Tasha is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful child. Makes me excited for Kyle and Michelle's baby coming this week! Nieces and nephews are so much fun. Oh and your pictures are great! What kind of camera did you get?

  6. That has to be one of the most gorgeous little girls I've seen. How photogenic! I absolutely love happy babies.

  7. I decided I better add you to my blog list since you post such great things! I'm sure you'll be hearing from me more now that I'll know when you update -Creepy blog stalker!

    Tasha is such an adorable baby and your pictures did her justice. Normally pictures don't quite get it, but you did. Amazing!

  8. What a cutie pie! Such wonderful photos. You take great photos.

  9. Thank you for taking beautiful pictures of my baby! (and for the heads up that you had posted them so I could see)

    I'm still holding out for a joint base next year... Love you!

  10. Oh My!!! Tasha we love you! She is one adorable little girl and so cute in her personality and dainty actions, right down the crossed legs at the ankles! How do babies come up with these darling traits. The great thing is how they are so unique and individual in every way! Love, love, love, babies, and she is right at the top of our list of favorites!!

  11. I do believe someone is baby hungry! Matt better watch out....

    Tasha is such a cute little girl. It was fun to see her at Grandma Graf's house in May.

  12. Brein - I'm excited for that, too! Someday :-)

    Ang - We have a Canon 50D. It works!

    Ah, and am I the only one who keeps coming back to this page just to see Tasha's pretty face? Thanks for providing me with such a perfect niece, sis! I have plenty more where these came from, so we need an overnight Skype transfer date soon.

  13. She looks really cute. We wish we could have seen her in person. Hopefully soon. Love the way your new camera works. Would love to have one of my own.


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