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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Francisco: Running Across the Golden Gate

I'm pretty sure Carolyn thought I was moderately insane when she received my text reminding her to pack workout clothes for the trip. See, everyone walks across the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, both Matt and I had already done that with our respective families. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge, however, is a slightly different experience and one I'd always wanted to enjoy. So at about 9 o'clock Saturday morning, we laced up our running shoes and headed out the door.

I was amazed at how perfect the San Francisco weather was that morning. For the second day in a row, the sun was shining brightly with not a single cloud in the sky nor a hint of fog coming up from the bay. It was the perfect day for a run across the
Golden Gate!
Matt and I started our round-trip run on the Marin side of the bridge, heading into San Francisco. We called the first quarter of the bridge our warm-up and thus stopped for a quick stretch overlooking the water before continuing on our way.
The smell of the ocean and the bay breeze gliding across the bridge made for an incredibly refreshing run. Before we knew it, we'd made it to the city! The view of the bridge was incredible, so we paused for a couple pictures before turning back.
A mere 3.4 total miles later, we were right back where we started in Marin County. Mission accomplished.
It was such an invigorating run, and the best way to start our second day in San Francisco!


  1. If there wasn't the possibility of an earthquake happening while running on the bridge and then (obviously) falling into the mouths of the sharks that are in the ocean below, I might consider doing that. So basically I guess I'm trying to tell you I think you're brave. And also that I'm scared of bridges that go over the ocean.

  2. Brian and I love running in different locations when we travel and is so amazing the different sights and smells you get to experience! It is such a treat!!

  3. That is so awesome. I'm totally creating a to-do list from all of your trips. ohh...good idea-you should start a travel blog!

  4. we'll be in San Fran in Dec (fly in and out) for our vaca! We will DEFINITELY have to walk across it

  5. Dear Coley, your comment made me laugh. I most definitely relayed stories of you crying as our family drove across the Bay Bridge while we were in San Francisco. But good news--apparently the fall itself would kill you, so no worries about being eaten by great white sharks. Phew!

  6. This is right up my alley and something I would totally love to do! I don't think you're crazy at all. :) Perfect length for a nice run, and what a gorgeous route! What a fun way to see San Francisco. Love it.


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