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Monday, July 12, 2010

San Francisco: Wharfs and Witches

Thanks to an Air Force Family Day on Friday and the federal holiday on Monday, Matt had a 4-day weekend over the 4th of July. Only a crazy person wouldn't take advantage of that! Luckily, we're not crazy and neither are our friends Talon and Carolyn. After Matt came home from work on Thursday, the four of us hit the road to San Francisco. And even more lucky? Talon's big sister Tylee lives in San Francisco and invited us to stay with her. Even with the dozens of day trips I've taken to SF during my life, I've never actually stayed in the city before, so waking up on California Street was a treat!
Since Tylee had to work on Friday, we decided to kick the most touristy locations off our list first thing. Therefore, Friday found us down Embarcadero at Fisherman's Wharf.
If Pier 39 isn't touristy, I don't know what is. It was teeming with visitors--most of whom, we observed, were from other countries. A few that we talked to told us they'd come to see how America celebrates our Independence Day. How cool is that? Anyway, the pier was kind to us that day. We ate clam chowder in a bread bowl, caught the last of the Uruguay vs. Ghana soccer game (PKs in the World Cup are always exciting) and enjoyed views of the city and the bay.
(Pssst--These are our friends Carolyn and Talon. Aren't they pretty?)
We had fun watching the sea lions for awhile--their sun bathing routines mixed with random "growls" never cease to entertain me. Then Matt and I sat at the end of the pier for a bit, just smelling the ocean and enjoying the perfect San Francisco weather. We took a picture with Alcatraz and promised ourselves we'd make our way over there on our next SF trip. Somehow, while growing up in Northern California, I managed to be sick or out of town for all of the Alcatraz field trips my schools went on, so I've still never been. Go figure.
After leaving the pier, we went on a little walk to Ghiradelli Square, enjoying the many people-watching opportunities along the way. Matt and I introduced Talon and Carolyn to the sheer goodness that is found in Ghiradelli ice cream sundaes. I'm hungry just thinking about it!
With our bellies fully satisfied, we hurried back to Tylee's for a quick wardrobe change and hopped on the bus to meet up with Tylee and Pierre at Union Square. We refrained from shopping (7 stories of Macy's can prove dangerous!) and opted for Tylee's super-secret view of the city instead. It was such a clear day that we could see for miles!
The video of the view doesn't seem to want to upload, so enjoy a screenshot for now:
Our tour guides (Tylee and Pierre) then took us to the Food Emporium at Westfield Mall, which is a food court like no other. Instead of McDonald's and Taco Bell, the Emporium boasts an eclectic mix of organic and international foods. It was very delicious and very San Francisco, to say the least. We wrapped up dinner just in time to head to our last destination of the day: Orpheum Theatre.
Yes, Matt and I have both already seen Wicked--him in Denver and me on Broadway. (And in case you were wondering, moving home from New Jersey a week early instead of using my tickets to see the original cast of Wicked is still my biggest regret in this life.) But we hadn't seen it together and really, any excuse is good enough to merit seeing the best musical of all time again.
I got chills as the music started, and they stayed there for pretty much the entire performance. It's such a powerful play.
You can't help but love an evening at the theater!


  1. What an amazing weekend! PS you two are the cutest couple in pictures :) Like models!

  2. I love San Fran! Jason and I really want to go sometime soon....but San Fran and Wicked?!? Together?!? What a fun weekend!

  3. You make me want to go to SF again! You do it so well, you'll have to come with!

  4. What can I say? You make us look good! Looking at these pictures make me miss our dear vacation intensely. We must go back! As well as travel other places too! :)

  5. We have been where you were several times. I can even picture exactly where you were at Giradelli Square. San Francisco is such a fun place to go and see and do. Did you drive down the Lombardo Street and vist Fisherman's Wharf? How fun! Glad you got to go there. Where are you two going next...or is that a surprise? We love reading about and seeing your adventures.

  6. Y'll go on so many fun trips! I love all the pictures and stories... just loving on your blog, girl! Haha...
    Oh, and Wicked = AMAZING! It's amazing, as you know... Someday, when I'm on Broadway, I'll hook y'all up with tickets.

  7. Love Wicked!!! Cute couple and all these cute blog posts makes me want to come and visit!!

  8. I miss San Fran so much! Laura & I used to drive down there early Sat morning and spend the day. An hour and a half or so from Woodland isnt bad. I have been to Alcatraz [way cool] but i have never gone to the Emporium to eat or Giradelli. Will have to do that on my next trip. LOVE your shirt for Wicked. I'd be so tempted to go shopping too, Laura's fave store is Forever 21 and there was one that was like 7 stories high. Crazy! I hope I get to see Wicked someday. I've heard so much good about it

  9. Stacie-Being just an hour and a half away rocked, didn't it? How on earth did you not end up at the Emporium, though? I swear I had like 5 field trips there alone haha. We didn't end up going this time because I felt like it was a younger thing, but now I sort of regret not at least showing Matt the area--I love the rotunda at the Palace of Fine Arts right there. And you definitely must see Wicked! It's incredible.

    And Em-what's this about visiting? You really should! I'm terribly tempted to visit you as well :-)

  10. These pictures are great! I'm new to your blog and LOVING it so far!

  11. I get chills just listening to the sound track of wicked! What a great weekend. Were there fireworks over the bay? Nice to be able to jet around California, and you know it well! Good for you two!

  12. I loved Wicked when I was able to see it in the big city. It's so good isn't it!?!?

    San Fran is my favorite place on earth.

    P.S. My friend and I were blog searching together because we had nothing to do, and I said to her.. "Want to see the most beautiful couple on earth?" click, your blog:)

    She agreed.

  13. We love Wicked. Curt and I were lucky enough to see it in Boston. You must get over to Alcatraz someday. The history buff in me found it really interesting.

  14. yumm clam chowder in a bread bowl on pier 39 is the best! love the pics! and LOVE wicked!!!

  15. yall are such a beautiful couple!! my husband and i moved in december from southern california to texas...it's been a huge adjustment! hah! i wish i would have found your blog earlier and told you to try Ike's Place in San Fran... It's the best sandwich place in the world!! :) so glad i found your blog!

  16. Glad I'm not the only one who is so affected by Wicked. The last time I saw it (October in NYC), i got tears in my eyes when the opening music started playing. Haha, then I was laughing at myself for getting emotional over the opening song... it is just so GOOD!

    Your trip looks like it was so fun. I'm impressed you squeezed so much into one day! I haven't been to San Fran since I was probably 12, I want to go back! It seems like such a magical city. Really beautiful.

    And I need to tell you that your blog is so good! You do everything so well, from the pictures, to the writing, to the post titles... it is awesome!


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