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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Symphony at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Matt and I have a nice, long must-do list for our four-year stay in Southern California. Some of it is in a well-organized Word document and the other half is still in our heads, meaning to make its way to said file. Going to the symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles was near the top of our written must-do's, which therefore makes it pretty important. So when I came across an extremely rare 50% off discount for a symphony featuring Mozart and Stravinsky, we figured it was time to cross it off the list.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall was designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2003. Since then, it has been featured in numerous movies and television shows, including Iron Man, Get Smart and American Idol. More importantly, it has become the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and has hosted countless symphonies and concerts of all types. The unique architecture makes the concert hall a distinguished feature of downtown and provides impressive acoustics inside. Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed both the setting and the beautiful music that evening.
During warm-up (pictures are most definitely not allowed during the performance):


  1. I love Frank Gehry buildings; they are so interesting. We'll have to use your list as a starting point for our next California trip.

  2. You have a typed list?!! That is seriously impressive. I recommend you add Lego Land to your must visit list.

  3. This is such an incredible building. WOW! Amazing. I love how you have so many gorgeous, formal modest dresses. Do you make them yourself? Or are you just a really good shopper. You should blog about where you get all your cute dresses and cardigans.

  4. What a cool venue! I totally will have to put it on MY list now - haha... In fact, I need to make a list.

    P.S. LOVE the dress, girl!

  5. Ash that's awesome! I would love to go to that! I've actually heard from a few people that that is definitely something you have to go hear. What a fun date night!

  6. Walt Disney concert hall one of my favorite buildings in LA

  7. What a fun evening! That building is amazing and beautifully designed. How cool! I love how you share the history of the places you go and things you do. Makes it that much more interesting. I should do that! You also make me want to take advantage of more symphony/opera/theater opportunities in the city. We never do that but you always make it look so fun.

    You just reminded me, I had a list of NYC things to do that I haven't looked at in like a year. I should pull that baby out and see what I've done/haven't done. Maybe we could exchange lists if I ever visit or move to LA. :)

    And how do you find all these good deals on everything? Seriously! It's amazing.

  8. What a wonderful concert to be able to attend! And can I just say - I love that you guys get all dressed up for your dates. You guys always look so stinkin' cute! By the way, I may need you to send that written list my way - because we have NO idea what to do down here. Our list consists mainly...okay, completely of rock-climbing destinations!

  9. That dress was actually my sister Heidi's bridesmaid dress for my wedding--she designed it and my mom sewed it. Pretty, right?

    I will definitely add Lego Land to the list. And Amy, I'd be happy to share! Haha, and maybe you could share a little of that rock climbing goodness with us :-) We seriously need to find a day that works!

  10. Beautiful dress.. so glad I have the back story;)

    sometimes I wish I were you.


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