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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hanging out at Huntington Beach

According to our blog, we've spent a lot of our summer having a great time on the road. And that's true. But what you don't know is that we've also been having an incredible summer right here in Southern California! It's about time I blogged about all of that, don't you think?

Last Saturday produced the best LA beach weather of the season thus far, so we headed out to Huntington Beach with Jordan (Coley's boyfriend who was home on leave) and his little brothers (who comprise one-half of our favorite SoCal family).
... along with everyone else and their second cousin's best friend's neighbor's brother.
It took awhile, but eventually we found a little place to set up shop for the afternoon. We lathered up with our SPF of choice, cozied up with some good reads, and then made our way into the ocean.
Of course, a halftime break on land was necessary to practice our sand sculpting skills. Some, like our castle designs, still need some work. Others, such as our moats and studly merman, are coming along rather nicely.
After a little soccer game in the sand, we spent the rest of our time just playing in the waves. The beach is always more fun with friends!


  1. Did you eat at Ruby's while you were out there? I am pretty sure I would gain 500lbs from eating there if I lived in So. Cal. There shakes are AMAZING!!

  2. We LOVE Huntington beach! Tyler will be jealous when reading this...did you know he reads your blog? AND loves it :).

  3. The Ocean, aww.. the most magical place on earth.

  4. How FUN! Okay, I need to make it out to the beaches near us before summer's end. Not quite like California beaches, but it would still be so fun!

    It was great to see you and hang out yesterday!

  5. I love Jordan. And Jordan's family. And you and Matt. And beaches- minus the sharks.

    P.S. I just really want your swimsuit.

  6. Coley- I'm glad you love Jordan :-)

    Ang- It was SO much fun spending time with you! I think Matt and I will have to visit soon.

    Lace- The fact that Tyler reads my blog is now one of my favorite things ever.

    Cass- I've heard that about Ruby's! It sounds dangerous... in a good way haha.

    And Shay- It really is, isn't it?


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