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Friday, April 20, 2012

Snippets from Utah

Jake and I had a fun-packed stay in Utah last week, but we were both so happy to fly home to Matt last Saturday. Unfortunately, about 12 hours after landing in LA, my baby and I came down with an awful cold. Poor Jake and I were wiped out for days and are just now finally getting back on track. Thank goodness, too, because we so don't have time for this sick business. Spending the past five days under the weather -- and taking care of a sweet baby who wakes up every hour because he's sick -- has so not helped my productivity. (Many apologies for all the missed calls, posts, e-mails, etc. over the past couple weeks!)

Anyway. I thought I'd pop in quick to share a few pictures from our most recent visit to Utah. (It's still so crazy to think that soon, that will all just be our normal life and California will be our "visit" ...) Jake always gets so spoiled when we're around family because he goes from being the center of just two people's universes to being in the spotlight for about 10-times that many people.
We parted ways with Matt in Cedar City on Easter; he drove home to California while Jake and I carpooled up North with my family. Jake kept himself entertained via the Mac's photobooth while the freeway was temporarily closed. He then had plenty of uncles to keep him entertained all week. I had a hard time sharing him so much!
April 11th is the twins' birthday AND Nicole's fiance Jordan's birthday. It was fun to celebrate with all of them in person and over Skype. The first few days of our trip had given us lovely Spring weather, but that day was cold and dreary, so I brightened it up with a ridiculously colorful outfit. It was a bit shocking to Heidi, who woke up and groggily opened the bathroom door to find me getting ready. "Wow," was all she could say. Followed a few minutes later by, "You look like Skittles." I've always liked Skittles.
Jake and I accompanied Heidi to one of her treatments and then fell in love with a little used bookstore in Midway afterward. We also made time to visit Alicia and go out to lunch with Aimee, who is marrying Matt's best friend Mike next month. And, happily, I also stopped by my old work -- the BYU Football office -- to brainwash my child visit old coworker friends. I really had a charmed college life and it's always fun to relive it a bit by stepping into the SAB.
The main reason for our extended trip was Nicole's bridal shower. My aunt Sydna hosted and did a fantastic job, as usual. Coley's wedding is coming up so fast! It was so great to spend a night sharing the excitement with the ladies in our families. And Jake, of course. He enjoyed it, too -- especially the shiny bags and presents and attention. I wonder what he'll think of all the wedding festivities. Here's to finding out next(!) month!!!


  1. What fun pictures! So glad you were able to be in Utah for all the fun going-on's! So fun to have you here for good soon! :)

  2. Thanks for a great birthday week Ash, I really appreciate everything you do for me!! Love you!


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