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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let them eat cake!

Marie Antoinette didn't actually say that. But that's entirely beside the point.

My lovely friend Darcy got the Lieutenant Wives together again for a fun French-themed party in honor of the anniversary of Marie Antoinette's ascension to the throne. Greatest girls' night idea ever? I think yes. We whipped out some extremely limited French (um, my high school French teacher would be so ashamed at how much I've forgotten. Je suis désolé, Madame!) and spent hours chatting (in English) (not that I really needed to clarify that), making macaroons, eating desserts, and playing with the awesome photo booth accessories Darcy made. Thanks again for the fun night, ladies!
This picture, along with the other pretty ones in this post, was shamelessly stolen from Darcy.


  1. Love theme parties! And this one takes the cake! Um...no pun intended!

  2. Your pictures are great too!! Thanks for remembering your camera! I always seem to forget and when I do remember I don't take enough pictures!


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