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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hiking in Kolob

I'm convinced that a pretty little Graf hike is the best way to kick off Spring. Luckily for me, our Easter egg rolling extraordinaire always comes hand-in-hand with a Grandpa Graf-led hike. My Grandpa actually used to take tourists on hiking tours through Southern Utah. This guy knows his stuff! Plus, he climbed the hardest face of the Grand Tetons in his 70's with my dad and uncles. Hiking is in our blood.

This was Jake's first hike, so it was only appropriate that it was with his Great-Grandpa Graf. Matt strapped Jake into the Bjorn and we were off! We explored Kolob Canyon and were rewarded with a fun little slot canyon and gorgeous views. Southern Utah is so beautiful.
Doesn't Matt make such a cute Daddy? Also, that would be my Grandpa and brother Matthew scaling the rock behind my boys.
The Bjorn proved quite useful when Jakey decided to take a nap about ten minutes into the hike.
Party in the slot!
Grandpa doing his thing.
Graf men risk their lives on a fairly regular basis.


  1. Ash, I love Kolob. It steals the breath, you have no idea something so beautfiul could ever be behind the bend, right? right.

    I love that little family of yours, you know this by now.. you also know that I love Jake. Like my favorite baby by FARRRRRRRRRRR.

  2. so, shaylynn (that girl above me) sent me this link today and said, "we are totally going here when you visit. just so you know."

    hahaha. i can't wait.

    your photos? beautiful. i love the one of your husband as he's walking through the slot. i love the texture of the rock...so cool.

  3. yes, southern utah is like no other place...just beautiful! Very fun Grandpa-Graf hiking spot...as usual :) Sad we missed it this year!

  4. Looks like an amazing adventure in Southern Utah!

  5. Nothing like red rock hiking with Grandpa Graf! He is so with it, and it is still hard to keep up with him!

  6. I love our family, I love our grandpa, I love southern Utah and I love those famous Graf hikes! So many good memories brought back from reading this post. This made me smile! Thanks ash!

    Today one of our patients (from Egypt) told me all about how they spent their spring break in southern Utah at Zion, Bryce Canyon, monument valley and the grand canyon! It made me so happy and just proud that we come from such a spectacularly beautiful state.

  7. Such a cute hiking family! I just love the shots of the three of yall! Too sweet :)


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