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Friday, June 3, 2011

Out of the ordinary

A couple weeks ago, Matt received fantastic news at work. It was the kind of news that begs a celebration of sorts, so that weekend we did something wild and crazy and totally out of the ordinary for the two of us.

We went to dinner and a movie.

I know, I know. It's the most generic date in the books. But would you believe that in the nearly 5 years we've been together, we have not even once gone out to dinner and a movie with just the two of us? Seriously. We've been out to dinner, of course, but have never been to the movies without a group of friends or family in tow -- and even then, we've probably only seen a dozen or so movies in the theater together. When we were dating, we saved all of our extra money for plane tickets, so we would put a cheap spin on the dinner+movie date by making grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and renting a Redbox movie for a night. I love those simple memories. Then we got married and still felt that few movies warranted $20 movie tickets as opposed to a $1 movie rental a few months later. Anyway, long story short? Matt and Ashley actually choosing to see a movie was a big deal!
In case you were wondering, we picked Pirates of the Caribbean (it was its opening weekend) and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. You really can't go wrong with Disney in our opinions. After catching our $20 matinee, we ran a few errands and then headed over to BJ's for dinner. We ate a deep dish BBQ chicken pizza and topped it off with a half Oreo-half chocolate chip cookie pizookie. It was delicious--admittedly, far more flavorful than the good ol' grilled cheese sandwiches of date nights past. All in all, it was a really fun night out!
Still, the pricetag didn't quite make believers out of our cheapskate selves (We prefer to spend our pennies on travel and could get one night in a 4-star hotel on Priceline for almost the same amount of money!). Looks like movie night will continue to be ruled by our DVD player for the time being. :)


  1. Sometimes simple is best. =) Husband and I are very similar except for us its our Netflix--although grilled cheese and tomato soup is a fav in our household too.

    We caved and went to see Pirates in the theater too. Sometimes Disney needs to be on a big screen =)

  2. I loved when you told me this story the other day. You guys are awesome! I'm glad you splurged a bit! :) You totally deserved it! Matt is awesome for the wonderful news and well...I'm grateful we could celebrate a bit together! :)

  3. If we don't see it on base, we don't go see it! Movies ar eoutof control expensive for no reason other than people still pay for them. We are Netflix people all the way :D

  4. Going to a movie was such a rare thing growing up that it was a really big deal when we actually all went to see a movie.

    I love the whole movie going experience. I compromise by going to a matinee and getting a military discount.

    By the way I took the kiddos to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and it was GREAT!!

  5. I can completely relate. We've only been to the movie theaters probably twice in our whole marriage! And we haven't been at all since Danny was born. Too expensive overall, and too scared to try taking Danny...he probably wouldn't make it!

  6. Glad we're not the only cheapskates out there. :) We've upgraded to Netflix, too! It helps fill in the gaps since we don't have any TV channels (... did I mention that we're cheap?).


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