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Friday, June 17, 2011

Burgers and Beckham

Catching an LA Galaxy (MLS soccer) game in person has been on our to-do list for awhile and, thanks to severely discounted tickets, we finally checked it off last weekend. We also checked an item off our to-eat list by stopping at Umami Burger for a pre-game dinner. Umami has been featured on multiple "best burgers in America" lists and GQ Magazine actually gave the LA restaurant a nod for #1. Needless to say, Matt was pretty excited to see if the burgers would live up to the hype.
The burgers were pretty and unique and very delicious, as were the sweet potato fries. (The house ketchup? Not so much. And my family knows their ketchups.) I still think the best burgers in America are the ones barbecued in our own backyards, though! 
Then we were off to the Home Depot Center to watch some serious soccer! After a winter of covering high school soccer, it was so fun to see the real deal. It was a really intense game (including one goal in the 90th minute and another during stoppage time) and I loved that Matt was just as into it as I was! Not every American man can appreciate great soccer, you know.
Oh, and this is just David Beckham. No big deal. Matt got a kick out of his headband but I'm pretty sure Beckham can get away with whatever he pleases.
In other news, our date also included a little trip to Ikea to round up a few household items. I think I'm officially in the nesting stage. If being obsessed with finishing organizing and decorating your entire house as soon as possible so you can get to work on the nursery where you already have the crib and dresser set up counts as nesting, that is.


  1. Yay soccer! And I'm so excited that you're going to have a nursery because you're going to have a baby. So great.

  2. I think I'm totally nesting too. My house is driving me crazy. This weekend I ridiculously deep cleaned the fridge and freezer. I'm so excited for you guys. It sounded like a great day!


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