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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laid-back summer

We've been spoiled with summer-like weather for quite some time now, so it's hard to believe that my favorite season officially arrived a mere nine days ago. Matt and I have enjoyed a lovely, laid-back summer so far and plan to fully bask in its perfection for the next few months. Did I mention it's my favorite season?

The last couple weeks have been full of fabulous summer activities including playing at the pool, attending BBQ's, eating popsicles, and sitting on the porch sipping ice-cold lemonade with friends. I've been having so much fun, in fact, that I didn't even bother to whip out the camera for 90 percent of it. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy life without documenting it, you know? (And other times, my camera is too much fun and you'll have a hard time prying it from my fingers. But even then, I've been trying to train myself to just take a few pictures and then turn the camera off. Anyway, back to the post at hand...) I did bring our old point-and-shoot along for some pool time last week, though. It was our first visit to the base pool and it felt so, so good to be in the water!
The camera also managed to find its way out of my purse for a quick snapshot of my friend Kaley's table settings at a Saturday lunch party. She is the queen of all hostesses and was my favorite person ever when she brought out a dessert of incredibly delicious organic berries with whipped cream. You know how I love my summer fruit.
Meanwhile, our first big summer weekend starts tonight and we are so excited! Matt gets both Friday and Monday off for the 4th, so we're headed South for some quality friend, family and beach time. I hope you all have a fun holiday weekend!
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Aw ash! Look at your adorable belly! Love it :) I plan on actually using my camera this weekend since I'm horrible about documenting our little adventures haha. Hope you have a great independence weekend!

  2. Stopping by from the round up! Your table setup with the watermelon in those super cute red strainers. Adorable! Such a cute idea! I will have to wait until next year, but I am definitely stealing this idea. :) Have a wonderful 4th!


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