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Monday, June 13, 2011

Good friends, good food

Our good friends Talon and Carolyn came out from Vegas for a super long weekend at the end of May. We got to have them and their sweet little Emery for five full days! It was great. The five of us stayed at Talon's parents' home in LA for part of the time and were spoiled with more delicious homemade meals and desserts than my pregnant belly probably needed. It was a pretty laid back visit, but we did have a few items on our must-do list. The first was to visit the Los Angeles Temple together. It's always so neat to share special experiences like that with people we love.
Another must for the weekend? A backyard BBQ, of course!
We also managed to squeeze in a rather intense game of mini-golf. Matt and I get pretty competitive in the name of good fun, and somehow ended up tying for first (at 13 under par!) after a long battle. Go figure.
Lastly, Talon's parents were kind enough to take us all out for sushi at their favorite local restaurant. My teriyaki chicken was fantastic and I'm told everything else was, too. We might have to go again in a few months so I can be more adventurous.
The menu was a bit less exciting once we brought our guests back to our home, but I did come through with some yummy mini cupcakes. I'm certainly not a gourmet chef, nor do I ever intend to be one, but you can always count on me for a sugary treat or few!


  1. I don't know the last time I've played mini golf...it looks like fun! I wonder how Danny would do at that...Anyway, we leave for Utah on the 1st and are coming home on the 10th. What about you?

  2. I love friendships between couples...too cute!! I'm following now.


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