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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fantasy & Fright -- HalloweenTime at Disneyland

Remember my offer to play at Disneyland with us? We weren't kidding, folks. Luckily, a few people believed us and our HalloweenTime visits were a party. But before telling you about it, can we talk about how adorable Disneyland is for a second? Seriously. I didn't even know that they decorated the park all festive for Halloween, so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the front gates and saw this:
Too cute, right? The theming inside the park was equally fabulous.
Yes, those are caramel apples shaped like pumpkin Mickey and yes, they looked delicious. But we didn't eat them because we were too busy consuming Disney churros, which are far and away the best churros on the planet. Maybe we're addicted.
Anyway, so Matt and I were fully enjoying riding all the big rides (including the Grizzly River Run before it gets too cold to spend a day drenched at a theme park) ...
... and admiring all the cute decorations ...
... when we turned to each other and commented that even though our kids-at-heart-ness is usually more than enough for Disneyland, it would just be fun to enjoy the Halloween spirit with a few cute kids that day. Then, right on cue, Becky texted and we met up with one of our favorite families--the Kerrs.
Susie Kerr is the mother of Jodie Kerr, who is actually Jodie Hendricks, wife of Steve. Remember Jodie and Steve? We love them and their kids a whole lot. And, consequently, love their entire extended family as well. Jodie's sister Becky was in town visiting Susie and we got to reap the benefits of playing with her kids at Disneyland. Hopefully you followed those connections. If not, just take my word that it was great fun.
I even -- shocker! -- enjoyed Small World with those adorable kids in tow.
The ride is actually mildly tolerable now that they added Disney characters to the scenes.
We played and played and went on ride after ride, including the freshly-spruced-up-for-the-holidays Haunted Mansion.
And then we watched Fantasmic, because it had been too long since we'd seen it. I love that old-school Disney magic.
I just do.
Cute Tylie was a little worried about the Evil Queen business, though.
But luckily it turned out alright and Mickey beat her in the end. Phew.
Happy HalloweenTime at Disneyland!
Oh, and you thought this post was over? It's sure not. We went back less than two weeks later when Matt's parents came to town. (See? I told you! Come visit and we'll take you to Disneyland! We're cool like that.) The highlight of that Disney day was the fact that the Toy Story Midway Mania ride was reopened and Matt and I could therefore complement our Buzz competitions with its 3D twin in California Adventure. I still rule Buzz but, sadly, Matt is a better maniac than I am.
We also watched World of Color a couple more times and it was as amazing as always. Matt and I had fun sharing one of our greatest loves (yes, Disneyland makes that list) with Clark and Shelley.
Okay, now this is the end of the post. After I remind all of you that Disneyland is busiest cutest over the holidays and Matt and I will definitely be going in December, that is. Just in case you need hosts. Over and out.


  1. I went to Disneyworld last fall and also hadn't known that they decorated. It looked just like Disneyland and was just sooo cute! I also drooled over the caramel apples. Did you see the ones that were decorated to look like all of the characters? I haven't been to Disney at Christmas since I was a kid and I really want to go back. By the way...I LOVED the Toy Story ride! It amazed me at how cool it was!

  2. What cute photos! I am a new follower of your blog and just LOVE it. I am from so cal too :)

  3. Gotta love Disney Magic and I think it is so cool that Matts parents would go to disneyland as a couple with no kids in tow. That shows just how cool they are and that they are always up for having fun.
    Great that you get to host and have more excuses to visit the Park!
    I love how they do the Holidays and they really go all out!

  4. would you consider going on a monday? will you be in CA the monday after Thanksgiving? We have free tickets and I think that's the only day we'll be in CA to use them... let me know :)

  5. Aw Halloween at Disney looks like so much fun I want to go during a season I haven't been there since high school.

  6. Kiley - That'd be so fun to play with you two at Disneyland! We'll be in town that day for sure but will have to check our work schedules to see if we could make it happen. I'll let you know :-)

  7. LOVED all the pictures!! I am sad I didnt make it to Disneyland this Halloween! Next year I have to get there! Are you in So Cal?

  8. A few years ago we planned a Disney vacation during Halloween time, but sadly our trip had to be canceled. I was most bummed about missing the decorations. I think it would be about as fun to go then as during Christmas. However, we have neighbors who go every year between Christmas and New Years and say it's not crowded at all. Let us know if that is the case. Maybe in 2011.

  9. Oh, I love your photos of all of the festive decorations! We were addicted to Disney World while my husband was stationed in Florida. I can't wait to visit there in December to see all of the Christmas decorations!

  10. I am so taking you up on your offer. I'm bringing the kiddos this summer. Watch out Davis family! We are going to Disneyland!!

  11. One year we went to Disney World for Christmas and it was magical. I hope you have a wonderful time when you go in December!

  12. This looks like so much fun! What wonderful pictures :) thanks for linking up to this weeks round up.

  13. I am so completely jealous! My hubby is delpoyed so I've been trying to recruit someone else to go with me and no one will go! Who the heck doesn't want to go to Disneyland?!

  14. Great pictures of the Happiest Place on Earth. You two are way lucky to live in Southern Cal and enjoy all that California has to offer. I'm totally with you on the Disney Churros. I have to enjoy those whenever we're there.

  15. I do wish that we could join you, especially when Disneyland is dressed up for a holiday like Halloween! Hopefully we can meet up SOON!

  16. I just found your blog and LOVE it!!! My husband and I went to Newport last year and absolutely loved it. That is the one place (if we had to pick) that we have to go back to. We love the beach, but sadly live about 6 hours from one! I just saw this post inviting people to come visit, so...we're totally coming! :) Some day, we'll make it back. Laguna Beach was my husband's favorite, but I thought it was too seaweed-y! I loved Santa Monica beach! But both of us absolutely loved Newport Beach and the town itself! We were there from Saturday to Tuesday and saw every beach from Seal Beach down to Laguna Beach! I think we ate every meal at the Redondo Beach Cafe! We would be on the beach literally all day everyday! It was the most perfect vacation we've ever been on! (And we've done our share of traveling!)
    Anyway, I absolutely love your blog and I'm thrilled that I found it! :)

  17. I love the pics!
    WOW Disney went all out for Halloween.


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