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Friday, November 19, 2010

Falcons and friends

Last night found us three hours away from home, here:
Air Force football came to Las Vegas to take on UNLV in their last regular game of the season, and we just couldn't stay away. Matt and I took a day off of work and headed East to hang out with our friends Talon and Carolyn and cheer on the Falcons for the second time this year.
(Contrary to the picture above, it was not snowing. Our point-and-shoot just decided to mix things up with a few random dots.)
Carolyn is 36-weeks pregnant and was a total trooper to come with us.
One fun thing about attending Air Force games is the little reunion that always ensues. This time, we ran into a bunch of Matt's old teammates that are stationed around Vegas and California. It's so fun to see familiar faces and catch up with old friends. And it would be even more fun if I'd thought to document it but we were all a bit wrapped up in the game, for good reason.
Air Force started off slow but came back with a 35-20 win. They pulled out an 8-4 record on the season and won the Commander in Chief's trophy, so it's been a great year. Go Falcons!


  1. We had a blast with you guys! I wish we could have stayed longer. I'm glad AFA came back and won. Maybe we were just bad luck. haha Or those guys throwing cheese. hahaha

  2. You got a job Ash? That's so great! Congrats to you! Did you mention this before and I just missed it?

    Oh and I'm glad the Falcons won. =)

  3. You are beautiful. Even in a sweatshirt and jeans! Especially in a sweatshirt and jeans...? Anyway, you are beautiful. You and Matt are going to have some seriously cute babies. ;)


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