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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Also in Orange

Since we were already at the Happiest Place on Earth with Clark and Shelley, we decided to bypass LA this time around and instead spend a laid-back Saturday in Orange County. Well, until we hit up a sports bar to watch a few big football games, that is. Matt and I are hardly laid-back when it comes to sports! In fact, that was the second time during their short trip that we found ourselves at a restaurant watching football. The first was Thursday night at ESPNZone, which is a truly magical place. See?
But this post isn't about sports. Promise. I've wanted to meander around the darling Balboa boutiques for awhile now, and having my in-laws in town was a great excuse to actually do it.
The weather was a perfect 72-degrees and we had such a nice time walking through all of the shops. They are stocked full of so many cute and unique things! While some are terribly expensive and for our eyes only, there are also great deals to be had. For example, I bought a beautiful $100+ dress for just $16. (Actually, I ended up paying $20 for it, but that's a whole 'nother story.) And those ridiculously expensive things? Well, at least they're pretty to look at.
Unless, of course, you are a boy. Then you're not really into looking at pretty things.
Luckily our boys were good sports, especially when we started feeding them treats. Did you know that men like food? Because they sure do. Although, they definitely don't like dessert as much as I do. I basically threw a party when I found the marshmallow-dipped-in-caramel-then-covered-in-chocolate-and-rolled-in-sprinkles treat. Mostly because my special Disneyland treat is a caramel-and-chocolate-covered marshmallow treat, so I thought, Genius! Add sprinkles! But guess what? It turns out I like the sprinkle-less Disney version better after all. Live and learn, folks.
The food that I did love and adore was our lunch at Wilma's Patio. It was delicious! Plus, they had TV's showing football. Does anyone spot a trend, here? We caught the second half of the Auburn game there. War Eagle.
Once Auburn had soundly defeated LSU, we made our way to the harbor, passing this fantastically festive beach house along the way.
We took our time walking down the pier and along the sand. I don't think I'll ever get enough of the ocean!
And then we watched more football en route to our house, where we played games into the wee hours of the morning. The next day, Clark and Shelley even got to come to our primary class with us (we teach ten 4 & 5-year olds in church every Sunday). Now that, my friends, is always a fun adventure.


  1. great post! I've always wanted to go to the west coast and experience california and LA! Looks like such a blast!


  2. Ok, how do I find the sort of deals you tend to find? I think we need to go shopping together!


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