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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Golf and Goodbyes

Matt really, really likes to golf. This is both good and bad. Good, because I get to tag along and drive the golf cart. Bad, because it's kind of an expensive habit and one that I'm not very good at. So every now and then, Matt takes me to the driving range in hopes that my sad skills will improve and I'll fall in like with this hobby of his. (He knows that "love" isn't quite possible for me and golf!) These driving range excursions always provide a good laugh, so we brought the missionaries along on their P-day.
The boys had everything under control and were hitting beautiful balls, even when imitating Happy Gilmore. *cough*Elder Gilbert*cough*
I, on the other hand, needed a lot of help. You guys, I don't know what it is, but I really can't figure out this driving thing! The only times I've ever done well is when I've had the golf pro right there correcting my every move. Matt tried to be of assistance...
... but I still managed plenty of dribblers, along with this swing-and-a-miss so perfectly caught on film.
I blamed it on the airplanes interrupting my focus, of course.
Luckily, years of serial dating allowed me to perfect my mini-golf game and therefore my putting skills. I can't drive the ball to save my life, but I can win a putting contest or ten. Needless to say, I was excited when we switched gears and pulled out the putters and I was able to redeem myself.
We stayed until the sun set over the golf course. The sky was beautiful that day!
Shortly thereafter, it was time for our buddy Elder Gilbert to head to another area--he'd been in ours for nine months, which is a very long time for missionaries to stay in one place. He put on his special suit when he stopped by to say goodbye and insisted we take a picture in front of the "Wall of Love."
Before we knew it, Elder Anderson was at our house for his final dinner before heading home at the completion of his 24-month service. We fed him bacon waffles and apple pie, and then wished him luck finding a wife! (Kidding, only kidding.)
We were missing Elder Gilbert, though, so we swung by Burbank on a Saturday night to take him and his new companion, Elder Cuthberson, out to dinner at Bob's Big Boy. This little gem is home of the original double-decker burger and the cutest big-bellied statue that just begs for a few pictures.
I remember always having the missionaries over when I was growing up in Northern California, and I really missed that living in Utah. Now that Matt and I are back in SoCal, we're loving all of the opportunities that we have to get to know so many great young men.


  1. Yay missionaries :) Also, I really like your "wall of love" and I want one haha.

  2. The Wall of Love is so cute. Love the blue paint color on the walls too. I also thought your golfing pictures were great! I have never tried it but I have a feeling I would be similarly bad at it. We should go together sometime and be horrible at it together. :)

    I feel the same way about missionaries! It has been so fun living in New York and getting to have the missionaries over and get to know them. We love our missionaries!

  3. I bet all the missionaries love hanging out with you guys!

    I'm so jealous that you are wearing flip flops in November. The high in Colorado was 46 today.

  4. I remember a married couple like you and Matt on my mission. They were way too good to us and we had fun at their home. Gilbert looks like he would be funny to be around.

    I busted up reading your Golf story. That is totally how me and Donna are at the driving range! Except I golf like you not Matt. So it provides for some good times! Shaun Nielson has my all time favorite golf story at a driving range. It has to do with Mike Weir. You'll have to ask him one day.

  5. I'll go golfing with Matt! I went to the driving range this morning... all alone. Joint base... Joint base... Joint base....

  6. Wow, I am will you as far as the golf goes. Actually, I've never tried it, but with my hand-eye coordination (or lack thereof) I know I would be horrible! I should try sometime just so I can have a good laugh!

  7. you and your husband are the cutest things ever!!


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