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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The point goes to Matt

Following a late night full of board games with the Rozsas, I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to incessant clapping. I am far from being a morning person and was quite annoyed at whatever was interrupting my sleep. When I finally opened my eyes and rolled over, I saw Matt dressed in royal blue from head to toe, grinning. And then he began, "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder..."

What can I say? The BYU vs. Air Force football game is a big one for us. Matt played football for the Falcons, and I was a secretary for BYU's football coaches and the VP of Cougar United back in my college days. While Matt was still at the Academy, this game was a little sticky for our coupleship. But once he graduated, it was all out war. And I was winning. So I laughed it off and let him have his fun, as I was fully confident in my Cougs. But just a few hours later, this:
Turned into this:
Because of this:
(Word on the street is that General Gould was crowd surfing with the Bird to celebrate the win. How cool is he?)

Matt's Falcons kicked my Cougars' trash. In a big way. I could go on and on with my analysis of the game but in the end, it was a pretty awesome win for Air Force and one that was well deserved. They played with so much heart and we were so proud of them! I have a really hard time cheering against the Falcons this one game each year, and found myself commending our old friends for their great plays. That is, until the 4th quarter rolled around and it became clear that their great plays were actually going to lead to a win! Shoot. But I guess you can't win 'em all, right? And if you're going to lose, you might as well lose to those cadets.

So, for those keeping score, it's now Matt: 1, Ashley:1. We anxiously await the tie breaker.


  1. Ugh. That game was so painful to watch. We really embarrassed ourselves out there. At least you have one happy fan in your house! I thought of you guys while we were watching the game yesterday!

  2. hahahaha.. i'm loving that little competition! almost makes me wish that me and my hubby pulled for different teams!

  3. I knew Matt had to be one happy camper on Saturday. I don't think anyone thought they would win. But I have to admit, it is nice when the underdog gets one for a chance. And on Sept. 11 to boot. Hard to root against that. There was a nice article in the paper today written by a reporter with a nephew who is a cadet at Air Force. Here is the link http://www.deseretnews.com/blog/76/10010020/Vai-on-the-Cougars-Tribute-to-young-cadets.html

  4. Sydna-"Happy" doesn't even come close--the man was ecstatic! And that's such a classy article from Vai Sikahema (who was a BYU star back in his day).

    Minus the fact that he called the freshmen "plebes." That term is used for freshmen at Annapolis and could *maybe* apply to freshmen at a different Academy, but it most definitely does not apply to freshmen at the Air Force Academy. They're "freshmen," "4 degrees," or "doolies." Not "plebes," not ever. And if you're going to publish something in a newspaper, you should make sure it's correct. K, end rant :-)

  5. I was thinking about you guys on Saturday and I was wishing you were here so you could go to the game. By the way traffic was insane around the Academy. I know because I got stuck in it. =)

  6. We were SO tempted to just hop on a plane and come, Tobi! It's the first BYU vs. Air Force football game that I haven't seen in person in 6 years. Matt would have been in heaven had he been there to see them win in person. And since my team lost, I would have been in heaven getting to see you and the kids :-)

    Also, if you thought game day traffic was bad, try graduation! I highly recommend staying far, far away from the Academy if you don't want to sit in a parking lot on the freeway for approximately 3 hours haha.

  7. This is the first season in SIX YEARS that I will not being seeing the games live... so weird!
    At least I have people like you and my dad to give me updates! :)
    Hope things aren't too rocky with you and Matt after the game... :)

  8. Oh what a sad game, but Matt was due a happy game day!
    By the way, Brian has an assistant that married Via's son. I will have to show him that article.

    Glad you and Matt can have some fun with the rivalry. Look how much fun the Nielson have at their house. When the kids come along they will get to choose sides!

  9. This made me smile. So silly you football lovers:)


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