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Monday, September 27, 2010


September is a party month in our house with the start of college football, a 4-day holiday weekend and both of our birthdays. All of those events, along with the fact that I like to turn birthdays into days-long celebrations, ensured that there was hardly a dull moment in our lives last month. Matt's 27th birthday last week was an excellent continuation of the fun. Since he had to work on his big day (lame, right?), we kicked off the party the prior Saturday. It started with an intense four hours at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Falcons almost upset Oklahoma in Norman and was followed by a relaxing visit to this place:
Crescent Bay, our favorite beach. Since it was the last Saturday of Summer and therefore our last swimsuit-style beach visit of the year (my sister Heidi is stoked about this since I've been posting about beaches so much), we figured it was only appropriate to return to this gem for some quality playtime.
It's still so hot outside that I still forget it's already the end of September. The Pacific didn't forget, though, and adjusted its temperature accordingly. Shortly after our arrival, I deemed it officially too cold to dip more than my feet into for the next three seasons and left the rest to Matt. (Cold and I do not get along. Thank goodness I live in California!) The waves were huge that day and it was his first time ever boogie boarding. He did great and had so much fun! Enough fun, in fact, that he kept going back into that freezing ocean again and again and again for hours. Meanwhile, I had fun soaking up the sun on the nice, warm sand and watching him catch the icy waves.
Once the sun started dipping lower into the horizon, Matt packed up his board and joined me for a nice, long walk on the beach. You can't help but love those with a man as handsome as mine!
Meanwhile, leading up to Matt's actual birthday, I fully enjoyed my opportunity to tease him for reaching such an "old" age. See, while 26 still seems close enough to 25, 27 is basically 30. Which, in turn, is basically 40. I obviously don't really think that way, but Matt is nearly 4 years older than me so it opens the door for some good-natured fun. So for a good while leading up to his birthday, whenever we'd discuss plans I'd get all excited for the celebrations and then tease, "Matt! You're 27-almost-40!" All in one breath, of course, so as to not lose any effect. To which my little brother later responded, "Matt, I say you're 27-almost-39." That little kiss up. Anyway.

On Matt's actual birthday, I left the jokes behind and morphed into a mini-Martha for a few solid hours. Like a nice little wife, I baked six dozen mini cupcakes that morning for Matt to take to work. If he can't be partying with me all day, he might as well be partying somewhere, right? Then I got to work baking his all-time favorite Feathery Fudge cake from scratch and whipped up his favorite dinner. Matt was able to leave work early and the second he walked through the door, I whisked him off to the golf course where he shot an impressive 2-over-par. Happy birthday, indeed.
That night, we enjoyed cake and ice cream and lots of phone time with friends and family. Turns out that turning 27 isn't so bad after all!
And although I typically try to stay away from professions of love on this blog, a birthday seems like an appropriate time to break the mold just a little bit. So in case you forget while you're in Texas this week, Matt, I love you more than you could ever know! Thanks for being so wonderful in every way. If only every girl could be as lucky as me to have a man as practically perfect as you :-)


  1. Oh you know me so well... I do love another good beach post ;). In all seriousness, I do love the beach and I love it all the more for making you happy, so I cave. Post about it all you want. Also, that cake looks divine, why am I just learning about it now??? Heidi= chocolate, practically in every language! I think it is swell you gave a shout-out to Matt over the blogosphere. Soon, he will be writing entries of his own (he really should one of these days, because he is hilarious). Finally, count your blessings. If what you say is true, and Matt is 27 going on 40... then you have something to look forward too as he ages. Have you seen the man lately?! Just saying.

  2. Mmmmm the beach looks soooo inviting!! I love it. Happy birthday to Matt! I am taking notes... I have been a slacker on bdays and holidays as of late. I love that you fixed him a nice dinner and planned fun things to do! Good little wifey! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Matt!

    You always have the greatest photos on you're blog.

  4. You guys are so cute! Happy Birthday to Matt!

  5. Matt!!....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I was gonna write "HAPPY" 27 times for you!! But, decided to not make your eyes crazy!! We love you guys!

  6. Wow, whoever kissed up to Matt like that about the age thing should be shot. I mean seriously? Really.


  8. Happy Birthday to Matt! Fun to celebrate together so many awesome things in September! Brian and I feel the same way about the amazing month of September!

  9. Matt says thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Sharla- Aren't September birthdays fun?!


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