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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Balboa and the beach

What summer birthday would be complete without the beach? Not mine, that's for sure! Matt and I took a break from Disneyland and spent our Saturday at Balboa Island.... well, the peninsula, if you want to get technical.
We were staying with our California family last weekend, so we grabbed the kids and hopped on the ferry to cross the harbor. It was quite interesting bringing their 15-passenger van on board! The boys announced that the ferry trip was much more fun once they hopped out of the van, go figure.
Our first stop was the Balboa Fun Zone ferris wheel. It's the cutest thing on the boardwalk and proved to be a fun little activity. Since the ferris wheel is located right alongside the water, it provided incredible views of the harbor. I am smitten with sailboats and therefore fully enjoyed the photo-op from above.
After the ferris wheel ride, we commenced our search for chocolate-covered frozen bananas. Balboa Island is the birthplace of these popular bananas, so it seemed like an appropriate treat for the hot summer afternoon. We quickly found the winning shop, which turned out to really be a winner when the guy gave me a free banana! See, Matt and I were planning on sharing but he wanted one covered in nuts and I, of course, wouldn't settle for anything less than rainbow sprinkles. So it was taking us awhile to decide. Next thing I know, the guy hands Matt a chocolate banana covered in nuts, pauses for a second to get my reaction, then laughs and hands me my rainbow sprinkled banana. Nice guy, that banana man. Oh, and the frozen bananas were delicious!
As we walked back down the boardwalk, we passed a man painting this scene and he was kind enough to let me take a picture. Isn't it lovely? I'd hang it in my house in a heartbeat.
Then it was time for the real party down at the ocean. The sun was shining, the sand was sparkling, and the waves were crashing close to the shore. It was a fantastic day at the beach!
We had fun playing in the water and laying out on the sand for a few hours, until seagulls suddenly infested the beach in one big pack. That's when we looked at the clock and realized it was way past time for dinner! So we started packing up and Matt made one last run at the birds before we headed home.
I sure love that boy. He always makes me laugh!


  1. I LOVE that place. I always get the Balboa bar. Now I am craving one...lol Where did you get your blue bathing suit. It is super cute!

  2. You have the CUTEST bathing suits!!!!!! I LOVE how retro they are! They remind me of Alli from the Notebook

  3. We absolutely love Balboa! I always get a frozen banana at the Fun Zone. Oh my gosh you have me craving me some Cali bad!

  4. Your suit. I have wanted that suit for months. Naomi from Rockstar diaries has it. I wanted it so bad but I was too cheap to pay the price! I LOVE IT!!! So jealous. You look great in it too. ;)

  5. Isn't that a great swimsuit? It's actually Coley's, which means I borrowed it for $0.00. Gotta love sisters :-) And she got it for like 30 bucks, which pretty much rocks!

  6. The picture of you and Matt in your bathing suits, the full shot - you both look like MODELS. Serious.
    I think it's your calling - modest, hot, models.

  7. I love the last picture.
    Y'all are so hot its nauseating;) But I only mean that in love.

  8. Wow! What a fun place! We'll have to add that to our list!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm glad I nauseate you in a good way, Shay! Haha. And Amy, definitely add it to your list! Also, they do a Christmas Lights yacht parade in December right there in Newport Harbor. Add that one as well :-) We really do need to do a list swap...

  11. Looks like fun! And great bathing suit, btw. :)


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