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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Major Fail

Matt and I were going through the office a couple days ago, just doing a little routine spring cleaning. Well, it was actually more like the "initial organization" that we've put off since we moved in (we'd just taken everything out of boxes and bags and placed it straight on bookshelves without thinking about it). Imagine my horror when we came across a stray stack of written, signed and addressed thank you cards from our wedding.

How on earth did that happen?!

Luckily for me, we found them before Peggy Post's one-year deadline for proper etiquette. And in our defense, we were literally homeless for our first six months of marriage. But still. We thought we'd sent these a long, long time ago! They're even marked as "sent" in the Excel file we used to track those things. And we're not just talking random thank you cards, either. We're talking about so-important-that-we-wrote-them-first kind of thank yous to people that I love and see often. I had to re-write a few that said things like "Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!" Yeah, pretty embarrassing.

So loved ones, if you haven't received a thank you card from us yet, please please please forgive us! And check your mail soon. It'll look a little something like this:
PS: The upside to this ordeal, however, was the opportunity it gave me to actually read some of the thank you cards that Matt wrote. I think the man had fun, judging from a few of these examples:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful cookie sheets! They have brought so much joy into our home! Ashley might say too much joy, but she hasn't grasped the fact that it's okay to have cookies for breakfast when you're married."

"... Ashley couldn't have been more excited because they matched our 'color scheme.' I didn't know what she meant at the time, but I do now!"

"... we are definitely candle people ..."

"Thank you so much for the amazing non-stick saute pan! We've satueed up some sweet goodness many times, and every time without a sticky mess!"

"I haven't convinced Ashley to use the tray to serve me breakfast in bed... yet..."

My apologies to those of you who got stuck with a sentimental thank you written by me instead of a hilarious one penned by Matt :-)


  1. All I can say is Matt sounds hilarious! Those are fun "thank you" notes!

  2. I can't believe you got Matt to write Thank You notes! What a guy and now, I like him even more. I guess we have gotten a few cards from the groom, but not many. I really got a kick out of his messages. Very heart felt and he is a great writer! You should have him post on the blog sometime!!

  3. Boys always say the funniest things in my opinion.. Such dorky hilarious things. At least you found them, that's too funny/heart attack causing for you;)

  4. We should always make the man write the thank you notes. Especially if they have a great sense of humor like Matt.

    I love your thank you cards by the way. I wish the genius that thought up the idea of using a wedding photo as a thank you note had thought it up earlier!

  5. Hahah that is hilarious!! Our thank you notes were so boring! I wish I were only more witty!! Haha

  6. I love it! You guys are such a cute fun couple!

  7. Oh my gosh, those notes from Matt are so funny! I'm impressed he helped write them, and that he made them so clever on top of that! My thank you notes basically wrote the same thing in each one, just inserting the name of a different person and different gift in each one. It was overwhelming so I just got into a groove. Haha. Matt's are much more fun.

    You know, even though those will be sent out late, they probably mean a lot more now that you've had a chance to really benefit from the gift and actually use it than if you had written and sent it the week after your wedding. We should make 1 year after the standard, not the deadline!

  8. Hey! I just got my Thank you note! Hooray! Thanks for the cute thank you! tee hee

  9. This totally happened to us. We thought we had gotten them all out, and found a huge stack of them like a year later. Embarrassing! Oh well, I'm sure people understand. Tell Matt I'm still waiting for mine:)

  10. Tara- I feel MUCH better now! I figure most people don't even remember when our wedding was... right? :-) Oh and I'm pretty sure your thank you is one of the ones I quoted! Our base post office was conveniently out of post card stamps last week, so there's a wave two coming soon haha.

  11. Just Kidding, interesting story.

  12. I just read this and thought his comments inside the cards were HILarious! What a sweet husband you have


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