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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Playing Tourist in Hollywood

Previously, my relationship with Hollywood (the location) consisted of nothing more than a quick 15-minute visit to get the requisite picture with a Walk of Fame star. And I was content with that. But with Matthias and Clara in town, we decided it'd be fun to give them the full Hollywood experience--beginning with a visit to the famous Hollywood sign.
After that pit stop, we were off to the Kodak Theater to take a tour of the Academy Awards' home. It was actually pretty cool, especially since it was just weeks after the Oscars. (Naturally, no pictures were allowed inside the theater at all, but you've seen most of it on TV anyway.)
Tour #2 took us around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel-Air to see filming locations for various movies and TV shows. Pictured below are the Iron Man mansion, The Hills house, The Viper Room and the ever-recognizable home from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
The tour also stopped at a lovely lookout point over the city.
Once that tour was over, it was time for Tour #3--a walk around Hollywood guided by yours truly.
I showed them Grauman's Chinese Theater with all the celebrity hand and foot prints...
... and helped them find a good star of two on the Walk of Fame.
Ah, and then it was off to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum to chum it up with a few celebrities.
We even met Madame Tussaud herself! See?
It was a terribly fun day and our only regret was that poor Matt had to work and couldn't play with us. But at least that saved him from the crazy traffic heading home from the city, right?


  1. that is so fun! I only had done the quick trip to hollywood to see a star on the walk of fame real quick and to see the temple. last time we went though we went to warner bros and did a tour that was pretty fun. But, it would have been so fun to do a tour through Bel Air and see the stars homes and such!

  2. Wow, the pictures are gorgeous!!!!!

  3. You'll have to tell me what is most worth seeing as we will be there in June. The wax museum looked fun. We will spend a day at Universal Studios and a day at Disneyland also.

  4. How fun! Perhaps I should do one of those tourist tours, just to show the husby around LA. He has seen the Hollywood sign though.

  5. Clara--I love it when you comment :-) Just wait till you see the whale watching pictures! Now THAT was a beautiful day. And speaking of pictures, I am still waiting to see the rest of your pictures on facebook. Tell Matthias to get on it!

    Sydna--When are you coming out?? I can give you a few recommendations for sure!

  6. I want to come and visit you guys!! Or you guys can come and visit us in North Carolina! Let me know when you come to Utah next so we can get together.


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