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Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a miracle!!!

We have a house!!!

After 6 months and 2 days of an extremely nomadic lifestyle, Matt and I finally have a place to call home. Merry Christmas, right? It definitely feels that way as we unpack boxes and boxes and more boxes of things that we forgot we owned in the first place. Pretty sure we won't need to buy any more shoes or clothes for the next decade. And speaking of clothes, I'd like to introduce you all to the newest love in my life:

It's called a dresser, and it's a truly amazing invention. I love it almost as much as I love the man who helped me put it together at 11 p.m. the night we moved in.

(And almost as much as our new neighbors probably hate us for that late-night hammering.)


  1. You guys are so cute!! Congratulations on the house and on your beautiful new dresser! Poor Matt and Sterling having to assemble all our furniture. I bet they could assemble an entire house in one day with the practice they've been getting! Ha ha! I also cannot wait to see you in less than two weeks and to go to the temple with you. I am in desperate need of some Ashley time right now with everything feeling like a ton of bricks crashing down on me. Thank you for calling me today and letting me cry and vent. I really, really needed that. And thank you for all your support and advice, you're such a wonderful best friend. Ali+Ashley+the temple= an amazing and spiritual day! I cannot wait!! Love you too my dear!

  2. Where is the house? In Cali? or somewhere else? I must give mad props to Matt for wearing a Calle shirt. I recently found out about that company & have a shirt from them. My friend here in Az has a bunch of Calle stuff he sells so if you need something, let me know!I have a couple backpacks Im trying to help him sell ...$30. They are $44 on the website I think. I'm soo glad u guys got a house and that get to unpack! Finally!

  3. Congrats on the house! I bet it is so comforting to have a place to call home. YAY! And its so fun to get so excited about little things! Thats how i felt with the book shelf matt put together for me. So exciting! :)

    Oh and PS I love reading your blog. Always something fun!

  4. Hurray!! I'm so happy for you! Is that the MALM dresser from ikea? it looks similar to ours, including the way it was assembled.

  5. Congrats on the house. Hopefully the late-night hammering won't bother your neighbors for too long. :-)

  6. I totally feel you we were nomads for six months too, but not as many places as the both of you. It is an unbelievable amount of strain, stress and unsettledness. I know you must feel SO RELIEVED/EXCITED and after a month or so of getting into your new routine/area you will not believer how good it feels!! SO happy for you!! Can't wait to see pics when you are done decorating!

  7. Stacie-Yep, it's in California! About 1.5 hours northeast of LA. And my cousin's husband was actually one of the founders of Calle so we have tons of gear. It's awesome, huh?

    Ang-You're good! It's the Kullen from IKEA. I LOVE that store!

    And Sara-I can't wait for those decorated house pictures either :-)

  8. I'm sure you're not the first ones who have done some late-night hammering. Congrats on finally having a place to consistently stay!


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