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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Half a year...

Last week, we celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary. I swear, time flies by so fast! It feels like it should be September, not December. Although, that might have something to do with the fact that it's 75-degrees and sunny around here instead of 25-degrees and snowing. But anyway, as I was saying, 6 months of marital bliss...
We had high hopes of celebrating it in a home of our own but alas, after 6 months of marriage we were still homeless. So instead, we found ourselves in the high-class lodging on base, drinking sparkling cider from plastic cups. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have! Might not have been as extravagant as our 100 Days celebration but we enjoyed it all the same :-)


  1. Making lemonade out of lemons comes to mind! If you can always do that life is blissful no matter what, as long as you have each other. We celebrated our 7th anniversary in a camper shell we borrowed and put on the back of my Dads truck. We were in seventh heaven on top of Cedar Mountain. Dirt poor and loving life!

  2. Happy 6th month Anniversary! We celebrated our first anniversary at Aunt Lucille's in Oregon where Curt was interviewing for a job. How romantic.

  3. Way to have a good attitude- you are much better than I have been! I am impressed with your ability to stay positive through things that are hard. Congratulations on your 6th month! Thanks for being a good example to me!

  4. Happy anniversary! I really admire you for having such a great attitude about the hectic life you've led over the last half year! I'm sure it has been so much fun but hard at times too! Way to make the best of your circumstances, the sparkling cider in your little room is so romantic!

  5. Congrats! I wish 25 degrees...try 2. Enjoy the next 6 months. Time really does fly by too fast!!


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