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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meet me at Alaska

At least every other week for two-and-one-half years, I flew into the Denver International Airport to spend the weekend with my handsome fiance in Colorado Springs. DIA's arrivals pick-up area is constantly busy so we found a way to avoid the traffic and, in the process, established a little tradition all our own.

Rather than deal with the busyness below, Matt would pick me up on the departures level--at the Alaska sign, to be exact. Consequently, every pre-flight phone call would end with an "I love you" and the now-familiar phrase: "Meet me at Alaska." And without fail for two-and-one-half years, Matt would be there at Alaska, waiting patiently with a smile on his face and a single rose in his hand. It was incredibly romantic and will always be one of my favorite memories of our courtship.

(From one such Alaska meeting about a year ago.)

This past weekend, Matt and I enjoyed a visit to our much-beloved Colorado Springs. I flew out on Thursday and Matt joined me on Friday night... which meant for the first time ever in our relationship, I got to pick HIM up at DIA. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited for the role reversal. And when Matt got off the plane, I was there at Alaska, waiting patiently with a smile on my face and a single rose in my hand.

The roles may have been reversed, but the moment was every bit as perfect as I remembered. And those butterflies I used to get the second I caught a glimpse of my Mister waiting for me? They were there, too.


  1. Its those memories that make your heart flutter. Can you imagine if you both get sent to Alaska now!? lol At the OSC I spoke to a woman who lived there for three years with three children. I can't even imagine, but I suppose only time will tell =)

  2. ummm...you two are the cutest couple ever! A man who is romantic?? where I can get me one of those?

  3. Oh my gosh!! I think I had chills....butterflies....even TEARS while reading this post! I think we could turn this post into a movie. I LOVED it!
    You are a very good writer too Ash. i love to read your posts! You and matt are a very awesome couple! We love you two so very much!!!

  4. That was the cutest post ever! Well, let's be honest, all of your posts are... :) I love it.

  5. You two are so dang cute!!! And like Aubry said, all you posts are cute! I love your blog...

  6. Ok so you don't know me but I went to school with Matt and I'm just here at work and came was reading your blog and this post literally brought tears to my eyes! You two are so cute and I LOVE the romance!!

  7. You are the sweetest wife ever Ashley and you have such a romantic husband! I am pretty sure that you two are the cutest couple on this planet. I can't wait to see you next week!!


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