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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twist ties to the rescue

Unpacking has been a bit of an adventure. Since the movers packed everything up from a room/garage rather than a whole house, their packing logic was a bit sporadic to say the least. (Nevermind the fact that said room/garage was organized according to future rooms to make it easy.) Somehow they managed to pack every box similar to the way they packed this one--marked "Towels," containing: one beach towel, one comforter, one electric knife, three books, five t-shirts. I am not even being kidding.

This has not only created numerous headaches over the past few days, but it has also posed major problems when trying to get to a few key items. Like, say, shower curtain hooks so that we could take showers. Prior to being packed, they were nicely kept in the same box as the shower curtain, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tissue box cover. While unpacking, we found each of those things in separate boxes, none of which contained the hooks. So out of desperation, we came up with this solution and were able to go out in public with clean hair and shaved legs (well, for me anyway):

Three days later, we found the shower curtain hooks inside of a tiny ProActiv box addressed to my sister, wrapped with packing paper, in a giant box in the kitchen. Naturally.

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