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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I love my Airman

I am so lucky to have him and to be an Air Force wife. Our first few months in the active duty military world have been such a fun adventure and we're definitely looking forward to many more years of this! Matt and I have met so many wonderful people through the Air Force Academy and now with Matt as an officer. We're proud to be Americans and to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

(This picture was taken by my beautiful sister Heidi during Matt's grad week. Someday I'll blog about that--there's nothing quite like an Academy graduation.)

To commemorate Veteran's Day and Matt's day off of "school" here at Wright-Patt, we headed to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force with our friend, Jon. Housed primarily in three huge air hangars, the museum takes visitors through the history of flight--from air balloons used in the Civil War to the Wright Brothers to WWI&II to today and beyond.

Throughout the exhibits, we learned about the aircraft and the men who served our country during those times. We were touched by their selfless service and bravery, and are grateful to all those who have helped make us free.


  1. OH, I loved this post! so very cool! Soldier..and aircraft of all sorts!!!!!! My Trey would have been in pure heaven there! He always tells us he wants to grow up to be a sodier! And he loves airplanes, and all that jazz!

  2. Did you know that I think you and your husband are the most beautiful, darling couple on the planet? Well, you do now :) Living in Japan has only strengthened my American pride. Thanks Matt for serving our country...and thanks Ash, cause we all know he couldn't do it without you!


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