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Monday, November 9, 2009

I don't know about you...

...but the Sesame Street characters brought a smile to my face every time I hit up the internet for random information this past week.

And to provide you a sampling of my recent Google adventures, did you know that both Ohio and North Carolina feature the Wright Flyer on their state quarters? Apparently it's quite the rivalry. When Ohio adopted the slogan "Birthplace of Aviation," North Carolina also staked their claim--"First in Flight." Although the first flight actually took place in Kittyhawk, NC, the brothers called Ohio home and did much of their planning here in OH (hence Wright-Patterson AFB, where Matt & I are right now). In fact, they continued to do a great deal of testing right where the base is built now. Meanwhile, the second half of Wright-Patt comes from Frank Stuart Patterson, who died in an aviation accident at the Wilbur Wright field. There's more, but I think you get the idea.

How did people ever survive without Google?

PS-I am happy to announce that this post led to the discovery that my husband can do an excellent, spot-on impersonation of the Count. Yet another one of his hidden talents.


  1. no lie, I have gone to google everyday to see the new sesame street character.. so glad someone else enjoyed it also

  2. haha! Oh, I totally love that you noted the sesame street characters on google this past week! I have loved it too! haha! oH, and Matt as the count! Pretty cool- Hey, Jay can do kirmit the frog! He does someone else too..I can't remember at the moment though- I use to think I could do donald duck when I was small. Oh!...that's who else Jay can do...he's pretty good at donald duck!

  3. HA HA HA HA!!! I love you and your endless amounts of knowledge about every place you live or visit! It always brings a smile to my face! :) Matt is full of so many hidden talents, what a lucky woman you are!! And google, SO AWESOME! Can't get enough of the sesame street characters and I certainly don't know how the world ever functioned without google! On another note, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post. Thanks for always be there and supporting me comforting me and helping me through the trials that I have been through. I am so grateful to have YOU as my best friend! Oh and did I mention how EXCITED I am to see you again so soon?! Well... I am really, really, REALLY excited to see you just incase you didn't catch all the excitement the first time! Love you!

  4. Tyler can impersonate the Count too-getting those two together some day will definitely pay off!


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