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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"When I got hungry, I ate."

It's nice to get a little Forrest Gump quote refresher every once in a while, by way of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. of course.

Our friends Matthias and Clara flew all the way from Germany to visit and one of the things we tried to do was treat them to American food. (Easier said than done, if you think about it.) Our menu for the week included things like BBQ chicken, cornbread, burgers and fries, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, Americanized taco soup, Mac & Cheese, and multiple salads... just to name a few.

When we went out to eat, we tried to go to places that served American-style food as well. Bubba Gump's naturally fit the bill! So after a long day of shopping, we headed out to the Santa Monica Pier just as the sun was setting over LA.
It's such a lovely place at night, when the sun hits the water and the city lights up.
We walked down the pier and chummed it up with the Shrimp a bit before heading inside to get our food. Their popcorn shrimp was fantastic, as usual.
Even more than the shrimp, I like the laid-back atmosphere, quotable quotes, and most of all--the "Run Forrest Run" and "Stop Forrest Stop" signs for the waiters.
Seriously, more restaurants should employ a similar strategy, don't you think? It would result in fuller water glasses, which would result in happier customers, which would result in even better tips, in my book anyway.

PS-You can check out the last time Matt and I ate at the Santa Monica Bubba Gump's here (anyone remember the fireworks on the beach story?).


  1. I have never thought about it before, but I ToTALLY love that they have those signs on the table too! Completely agree that every place should have one. That is so cool that your friends from Germany were able to come see you guys in Cali and you were able to go see them there. Talk about lasting memories! Hope you are enjoying living in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Miss you!

  2. Love the sunset on the pier pictures! It sounds just gorgeous. And I love Bubba Gumps! Mmm, all the food you guys have been eating sounds so yummy. Ha, I am actually making mac and cheese right now. We're so gourmet at our house. ;)

  3. And I can tell you, american food is the best!!! And Ash and Matt are perfekt tour guides!! Thank you SO much again, I think this was the best vacation EVER! Clara

  4. I rocked Bubba Gumps in NYC last weekend. Who knew it was anywhere else? not me.


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