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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vienna, Austria: Reliving Matt's P-day

We hopped off the S-Bahn at Floridsdorf. Matt grabbed my hand and starting leading me down the street, smiling. He was taking me to his former neighborhood.
We came to the door of his old apartment, marked "Richins" and "Hayes," just as it had been five years before. Matt explained that no missionaries had changed the names since long before he lived there. I told him that he and his companion should have so they could be famous instead of Richins and Hayes. He just shrugged.
Matt rang the apartment just for fun and what do you know? The missionaries were home for lunch and invited us on up.
I stayed out in the hall, of course, but Matt walked in and reported that nothing had changed inside, either. We chatted with the missionaries at the door for a bit and then headed back out to continue the neighborhood tour.
Matt and his companions apparently played some pretty intense games of ping pong in this park back in the day. If you ask Matt, he won every time. I wonder what his buddies would say...?
This little internet cafe is close to the apartment and was therefore the designated spot for e-mailing moms and dads.
We walked inside and the owner instantly recognized Matt. I was surprised since it had been so many years, but he explained that he saw Matt and his companion walk by every single day for a year, not to mention the time the missionaries spent inside his business each P-day. He never wanted to learn more about the church but has always loved the missionaries and Matt was happy to see him.
Meanwhile, we were in the middle of laundry back at our own apartment. Washers are plentiful but dryers are pretty uncommon over there, so we hung clothes wherever we could get a hanger to stick!
We enjoyed a mid-morning snack of butterkeks and yogurt before heading out to the Mariahilfer strasse for some window shopping and lunch at Herb's.
Oh, and by "Herb's" I really mean Schnitzelwirt. Matt said the missionaries have called it Herb's forever and doesn't really know why (and neither does our friend who just got back from her mission in Germany/Austria). Just nod and smile.
Matt had been talking up Herb's cordon bleu weinerschnitzel for months and I'm happy to say it was worth the hype! It was probably the most delicious lunch I've ever had in my entire life. Seriously.
And the fact that you get to eat it on a cute little terrace is just icing on the cake, right?
Speaking of icing on the cake, we spent the remainder of our last day in Vienna at palaces. Not bad, right? I'm way excited to go through those pictures for the next Europe post, so hopefully you're excited to see them!


  1. that's so fun he got to see his old missionary apartment! i bet that brought back some fun memories. i'm still so jealous of your honeymoon...every day you guys got to see so much. one day we'll make it back to europe :)

  2. Oh man, those Wienerschnitzel and Kartoffelsalat looks delish. It's making me hungry. Beautiful pictures. Not mention, really neat that Matt was able to show you his Mission area. Hmm...wonder if Venezuela would be a safe place to travel too. That's where my husby went on his mission. Simply lovely. Btw, what is that patch on Matt's backpack. Is that a FC Bayern München patch?

  3. That picture of Matt standing in his old Missionary Apartment is surreal. When a missionary returns home to Utah at the end of his mission, the past 2 years feels like a dream because it was such a foreign experience. To be able to return to your mission and stand in your apartment would feel so strange. I've said it before but you really had the sweetest Honeymoon! Count your blessings.

  4. This journey is so much fun!!! Keep the pics and posts comin' !!!

  5. Ry-Matt said it was TOTALLY surreal! He said a million different memories rushed back all at once (you're right, Sarah!). Kind of fun, huh?

    Nina-You rock! That is definitely an FC Bayern patch. And that Kartoffelsalat WAS really yummy! Also, that is so cool that your husband served in Venezuela--it looks like such a beautiful place.

  6. That would be so fun to visit your husband's mission, and see the places you've always heard him tell stories about. I bet Matt had a blast reliving all those memories. And I just think visiting Europe sounds amazing. Everything sounds perfect, right down to the butterkeks and yogurt. Oh and that cordon bleu weinerschnitzel! Yum!

    I am now even more impressed by all the foreign names you've been typing in these posts... it take some serious concentration and brain power to type the word weinerschnitzel. (Seriously, that look me like 8 seconds right there.) :)

  7. How do you get all these cute pictures of you and Matt together? You must be the most outgoing girl ever and ask everyone you see to take a picture of your two cute selves.

  8. So amazing to see these pics! You two are amazing!

  9. Tobi- The self-timer is our best friend! Along with every one else we meet... haha :-)

  10. Aww, you guys rock even more for having a FC Bayern München patch!! Definitely my favorite German soccer team, even though I didn't live in the "Bundesland" of Bavaria. We lived further up North. In the state of Hessen. City was called Giessen, about 45 min from Frankfurt.



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