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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vienna, Austria: Concert in the park

After the opera, Matt and I were mildly concerned the rest of our stay in Vienna would feel a bit anticlimactic. I'm not sure if I raved about the opera enough. It was incredible! As if seeing Mozart's most popular opera in one of the most famous opera houses in the world wasn't enough, the singers were ridiculously talented and the experience in general was so culturally refreshing.

We shouldn't have been worried, though. Our walk around the city the next day was beautiful and relaxing, and we quickly found Viennese activities to occupy the following evenings. One of these was to take place at the timeless Rathaus park. We came across it while touring the Rathaus (city hall) during the day.
As it turns out, the Rathaus park was all set up for a film festival of sorts. Vienna is a city centered on the arts--and music in particular. Thus, unlike your typical film festival, this one showed a movie of a different concert, ballet, or symphony every night. Fantastic idea, right?
Later that evening, we made our way back to the Rathaus, which was perfectly lit against the night sky.
Matt and I lucked out with the show for that evening: a symphony/opera by Johann Straus about the Creation. It was so heavenly... amazing beyond words.
And it was unbelievably romantic: cuddled up to my husband, enjoying a beautiful concert in the park with the striking Rathaus as the backdrop against the picturesque night sky. Matt leaned over during the concert and commented that the music was "Celestial," which was an appropriate assessment of the gorgeous musical rendition of the Creation.
People asked us when we came home what our favorite part of our trip was. I think they were a little surprised to hear us list that evening as one of the best, since it sounds so simple. The beauty was in the simplicity, though--it was simply perfect.
It was one of those moments when everything just feels right; when the storyteller could then close the book and pronounce that "they lived happily ever after."
And you would like the ending.


  1. Ahhh... I love it! That just looks absolutely incredible! What a beautiful place. The architecture on those buildings is truly amazing!!! What a cute couple you two make as well. A beautiful place with such a beautiful couple... you make the rest of us feel bad about our lives. Ha ha! Although, it is really exciting to live vicariously through your pictures and stories!

  2. Uhm the last paragraph got me.. way to make me almost cry;) How blissful, I want to live me life there.

  3. Every installment of your Europe trip just gets better and better. I think I'll be sad when your stories of Europe end.

  4. How do you get these pictures! The last one is especially great at showing how awesome this night was. It is like you take a personal photographer with you on every adventure! tee hee

    You are making me want to take a little trip to Austria.
    I know my friend Cathy loved it most of all as her family was stationed in Europe, and she is a very gifted musician so it made it even more amazing!

    Hey, maybe you and Matt will get a chance to live in Europe! That would be exciting!

  5. Oh and I forgot to say, I just love it when magical things just line up and work out perfectly even when you haven't made a plan!
    That just makes me feel like someone watches out for us and wants us to enjoy all the beauty of life and what it has to offer!
    Men are that they might have Joy!!

  6. What a beautiful story. I can see why, this would be your favorite moment. Nothing better than listening to an outdoor concert, especially in Europe. Wonderful photos, too. You are too cute.


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