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Monday, April 19, 2010

Running for the Falcons

Ah, I love Saturdays. Especially sunny ones spent in LA. You know, days like yesterday.

Matt and I started off with a visit to the Los Angeles Temple and really, there's no better way to start a day. IKEA was our next stop and I'm happy to report that we were finally able to buy the ever-elusive shelf that has been out of stock on our last three visits. (Now maybe I'll get back to decorating the house.) Onto the main point of the post, however:

We got to spend the entire afternoon at the Long Beach Invitational, cheering on the Air Force Academy's track team. I came to California to watch Matt run at this meet last year and it was so, so nice to be there again, watching the meet and hanging out with Matt's old coaches and teammates. The atmosphere at track meets is so unique and exciting; for a second, it made me really miss last spring and all of the great experiences that Matt and I had together at that time. Life was so good! But then I thought about how great life is now, too--it seems like it just gets better and better as time goes by. I love that.
All this track business made me realize that I never blogged about the Mountain West Conference Championships last year! Matt tore it up, so it definitely deserves to be recorded. He competed in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 4x100 relay and 4x400 relay, set FOUR personal records, made multiple trips to the podium, and brought home a bronze medal. (Oh, and was the fastest white boy in the MWC by far. Woohoo!) I'll let a few pictures tell the story:
Running track for the Air Force Academy is one of the best things Matt has ever done. The experiences Matt was able to have and the relationships he made in that short period of time are absolutely priceless. Go Falcons!


  1. Wow! That was a great little journey into the past. Matt is a speedster! Loved the track shots. Some people were built for speed! Also loved your saturday itinerary! Keep it up!! Good way to have a great marriage!

  2. so cool :)
    have a great week, hun! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the hair cutting tips! Seriously, that helped a ton. I had looked online for tips but no one suggested starting on top in the middle, that is genius. Thank you thank you! Hopefully it goes okay or this may be a one time gig for me. Haha.

  4. Tell Matt that I miss him!!! A ton!!! High Flying Tigers :D


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