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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ensign Peak

Matt had to work on Pioneer Day, but we still wanted to commemorate ... so we figured, what better way than a hike up Ensign Peak? (We've already done Immigration Canyon on July 24th, so mixing it up seemed like a good idea.) The pioneers stood at the top of Ensign Peak to map out their plans for the valley, and it was cool to think of that as we looked down on the reality of those dreams 150+ years later. The Salt Lake Valley is really so beautiful!

Summer selected Ammie to carry her along the hike, and Jake was a trooper and climbed the whole way by himself! He was like, "Okay! Hike to the top!" He has Graf blood in him for sure. We caught a pretty sunset on the way down, and then watched a million fireworks shows from our house. It was a great little way to spend the holiday.

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