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Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

It was definitely a happy 4th of July!
We gave Jake and Summer little American flags (he has been pointing out every "America flag!" ever since) and just played at my parents' house for most of the day. That afternoon, we swung by the Colonial Fest in Orem, which filled my US History loving heart with joy. (Seriously, if you're going to a little pop-up tent festival around the 4th, it might as well be based around our country's heritage, right?) And then we made Matt's dreams come true by heading to Brigham City to watch the fireworks with Kristen and Andy. Matt has been raving about his hometown's Independence Day fireworks since we met, and they did not disappoint -- it was the perfect little small town show.
You'd better believe that Jake took this picture.

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