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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday in Santa Monica

We spent the most beautiful Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica last month. The temperature was in the 80's, the water was tolerable (for our toes, anyway), the company was perfect, and the baby was loving it.
After spending the morning in Malibu, we met up with the Rozsas for lunch at El Cholo, which is basically the only authentic Mexican restaurant I've ever truly loved. It was beyond delicious, as usual.
Then it was back to the beach! We headed straight over to the south side of the Santa Monica pier and set up shop. But suddenly, Jake wanted nothing to do with it. He's always been a beach lover and had been happily playing in the sand both the night before and that very morning, so his tearful pleas that we save him from the sand took us by complete surprise. It was so random and hilarious, because within five minutes of "rescuing" him, he was begging to be put back down so he could run up the sandy hill after a bird. I still don't get it.

Following his successful bird chasing adventures, Jake meandered down to the water and started walking out into the ocean. I swear, he'd just keep going and swim straight to Hawaii if we'd let him. We weren't really planning on playing in the water (it was February, after all) and hadn't dressed for the occasion, but Jake was all about it so Matt stood next to him and helped lift him over the waves when they rolled in. After a few minutes of that, though, Jake decided he could handle the waves all on his own. He'd stand there as the waves approached, then turn and run away squealing with joy just as they were about to get him. Then he'd laugh, turn around, run back to the water, and do it all again. Jake kept that up for nearly an hour and was the happiest baby in the world the entire time. It was the cutest thing ever.
Jake was doing everything in his little power to make sure his toes stayed out of the sand.
He wasn't quite over the sand episode...
... Until three minutes later, when he was. Who knows.
Jake giggled and watched as his feet sank into the wet sand.
Just look at the pure joy on that face!
Wet jeans. Very wet jeans. Good thing there was a change of clothes in the car, eh?
Jake's audience.
Um, do you see that face? He kills me.


  1. Your pictures are SO GORGEOUS!!!! My favorite is the one of the boys playing near the water with the sun flare :)

  2. your blog is like a breathe of fresh air, literally. You guys are always out in the open world at the beach, doing cool fun things. Jelly over here...but it's so nice to see your cute little happy family:)

  3. gorgeous photos!!! seriously the excitement you see on jake's face is priceless!! he is a little beach bum ;) i love it!! :)


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