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Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney with the sibs

We hadn't been to Disneyland since August, so clearly our February trip was long overdue. This time, we invited Christian and Heidi to come along and even got to meet up with Nicole and Jordan later that night. It was so much fun playing in such a happy place with my siblings!
A little wet after being up close and personal with World of Color!
Christian had just gotten his wisdom teeth out, oh, four days earlier. So basically he was a champ. And so was our Jakey! As usual, he loved all the colors and characters and excitement of good ol' Disneyland. Since I'm pregnant and Jake is, well, a baby, he was my little buddy throughout the day while the others went on the big kid rides. But of course Disney is super family friendly, which meant that we got to go on plenty of rides all together. And really, we're such big fans of the place that just walking around Main Street and the riverfront would be good enough for us! The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and we had the loveliest of days.
On the tram!
Watching the "dutties!" (That would be duckies, for those of you who don't speak Jake.)
Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Blue Bayou! Delicious.
Disney ducks. They are living the life, I tell you.
The baby loves the churros.
Jake leading the way!


  1. I love it all, but that final photo just does me right in.

  2. So fun! ANY trip to Disney is overdue, in my book! ;)

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  4. I am so overdue for a Disneyland vacation. We hope to go next fall when it's all decorated for Halloween. Let me know if you hear of any deals!


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